To: Disco Queens
Cc: Michael Brown

Striking a pose at Studio 54
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Michael Brown knows a good party. The celebrity makeup artist has flair and spunk in spades, and plenty of sparkle – gold, of course – so it made perfect sense to ask the effervescent Michael the best ways to avoid makeup murder on the dance floor.

“Party proofing your makeup all starts with your prep and base…”
As Brown explains, “Rethinking your choice of primer and adjusting some texture choices can make your look last well into the night,” music to the ears of after-dark revellers –there is a way to make your makeup last the disco distance.

Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler ‘touching up’ at a Beatlemania party at Studio 54
Credit: Allan Tannenbaum via Getty Images

Be it rogue glitter, a super-soaker finish or a serious case of panda-eyes (Oxford St, we’re looking at you), the PTS that ensues from one look in the mirror post-dance-off is not worth the pain, or mascara tears. From prepping like a pro to a carefully curated highlight, these tips will keep you bumping and grinding all night – with perfectly flawless makeup.

Here, Michael gives us good (party) face.

1. With any makeup application, we shouldn’t be using excessively rich moisturisers…
Save them for before bed if needed, as they will slowly absorb while you sleep, but if worn under foundation, they can make product sit on top of the skin, making it easy to be removed with perspiration. A water-based, hydrating product is more affective as they are fast absorbing, allowing foundation more bond to skin.

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You want your T-Zone to look mate, this creates a smoother finish and longer lasting… Keep all that glow for the outer areas of the face like the cheekbone, where no shine builds up.

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3. To avoid the dreaded eye shadow crease, use a creamy yet matte finish as an eye primer…
Often a creamy concealer that dries matte is perfect!  If you use anything that is too liquid in texture, like some foundations, as the eye moves the liquid texture can creep into your eye socket, taking your shadow with you.

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4. Keep shimmer to a minimum in pop points only…
We all love a disco eye, but shimmer can show wear and tear very easily, especially if you start to work that dance floor and get some perspiration up. For the face, only pop the cheekbone and for the eyes, pop the inner tear duct area with a ‘lighter than your base shadow’ to brighten the area, but keep most of your eyes matte to avoid THE fade.

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5. Wax eyeliners and even some liquid can smudge with heat…
A kohl style pencil that can be smudged and blended into your mobile eye area, and/or gel liners are perfect for a night out as they can be applied perfectly in a wing, or smudged for a simple smokey eye when needed. Some liquids and wind up liners with a wax coating can smudge easily in hot environments, i.e. the dance floor. Take a mini brush in your clutch and if this occurs, buff out your line to refresh the eyes and create a smokey lash line = winning!

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