When Harry met Meghan, she no doubt was rocking an uncomplicated contour, nude lip and sooty eye. And whilst we can’t quite substantiate it (although we’re pretty certain), the look has become Markle’s signature.

Time after time, red carpet after red carpet, the Princess-in-waiting typically adheres to the same beauty mantra: bronzed skin, subtle contour, nude lip and that smoky eye, now signature to her brand. The sometime-smudgy, always-sooty eye is Markle’s go-to, forever smouldering, she plays it on repeat. Keeping it modern as oppose to smutty, Markle keeps the rest of her guise earthy and baked.

We asked makeup maven and celebrity favourite, Filomena Natoli, exactly how to mimic Meghan’s eye look. “Creating Meghan Markle’s “come hither” sooty eyes is easier than you think,” notes Natoli. “This look is all about having your liner look lived in”; those ubiquitous all-nighter, party eyes (how very un-Princess like), they key is looking like you’ve had a big night, not a rough night.

Here, Filomena shows us how to get the look. Tiara not included.

Get the Look

  1. Line the top lash line with Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Highliner in Blacquer, ensuring you apply close to the base of the lashes (as you don’t want to see any of the flesh tone peeping though).
  2. Precision is not essential as the liner will then be blended and blurred using a soft smudging brush try Marc Beauty’s Smudge Brush. To create a soft hazy finish along the lash line.
  3. Continue to apply the black liner to the wet line of the eye and speckle it along the base of the lower lashes.
  4. Blend and smudge the speckled liner to create a soft dark haze below the eye line. Don’t be afraid.
  5. Finish with freshly curled lashes and Blackest Black Mascara.

TIP: If you’re really committed to this look remove your base makeup and leave your eyes on and sleep in it! It’s often better the next day!

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