Attention all disco-doyennes and party-pashers: ever wondered how to dance (and kiss) the night away and not budge your pout? Fear not, we’ve got seven foolproof steps to make your lippy last as long as you. (Note: the kissing part may require some serious 24-hour stain-like action).

Think of the following as Party Feet for your pout.

Step one: Scrub it
Nothing lets a red lipstick down like dry, cracked lips. Slough away flakes with a lip scrub or a toothbrush, for a smooth base before you start.

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Step Two: balm 
Any good makeup artist will start off by applying a thick layer of balm to your lips – before any other step. Prepping with a rich balm will hydrate and plump your lips, but must be done at least an hour before applying lipstick as pigment will slip off freshly balmed lips. For the time poor, douse your lips with a hydrating balm throughout the day (or while you do your party hair) and then wipe away excess for a clean canvas.

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Step three: Layer on lipstick
Apply your lipstick of choice to the centre of your lips and then use your finger to pat the pigment across the entire lip, pressing it into the skin and creating a base stain that won’t budge.

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Step three: Pencil
Not a necessary step, but one that will elongate the life of your party pout (and your lip size), define the contours of your lips with a pencil of the same shade for the ultimate longevity.

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Step four: Go in again with lipstick
Apply another layer of lipstick across your lips and out to the edge.

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Step five: Blot
A classic makeup move for a reason – it works – gently blot excess pigment off your lips with a tissue or cotton pad.

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Step six: Repeat with more lipstick
Apply another layer of lipstick and blot again with a tissue.

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Step seven: Powder
Applying a light veil of translucent loose powder will lock your lipstick in place. You can do this in two ways: either split a tissue in two and dust powder all over one layer of the tissue, or go in directly around the edges of your lips to stop colour from bleeding while you sip on a Spritz.

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Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @rosiehw