Attention all disco-doyennes and party-pashers: ever wondered how to dance (and kiss) the night away and not budge your beddable red pout? Fear not, celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown explains how to make your red lipstick last as long as you. (note: the kissing part may require some serious 24-hour stain-like action).

Think of it as Party Feet for your pout.

Michael Brown’s Guide To Making Red Lipstick go the distance

The liquid lip
With the rise of the ‘Liquid Lip’ – basically a creamy liquid at first application which sets to a matte high pigment –  it’s even more important to have great lip prep before any application begins.

No matter what lip colour or texture I use on any client, I use a lip scrub on the lips, just to de-flake, smooth and polish.
Then immediately after, I use a rich lip conditioner over the top while I am applying the rest of the makeup.
Liquid lips, especially, have some great lip applicators built-in, so it’s now easy to create a nice lip edge with no brush needed.

When liquid lips attach to lip, they dry immediately and set in place, it’s then that I use a lip liner to create a sharper, more defined lip edge to give a higher impact red lip. This combo can last for hours and it’s more about the actual lipstick formula that makes it last.

the bullet lipstick
If I am using a traditional lipstick, I tend to apply it with my ring finger, lightly dabbing and pressing the pigment into the lips to create a bond – this is essential to make your lip and lipstick as one.

If you ‘paint’ lipstick on wth a brush, it sometimes only stays on the surface, which is then easily transferred upon contact, so it’s beneficial to really stain a lipstick for that perfect bond.

the liner
Regardless of lip texture, I only use a lip liner after a bold red lip to create a sharper lip edge, I never cover the entire lip with liner first as it can effect the end shade tone.

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Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @taylor_hill