There’s a reason no Kardashian femme, self-confessed Christmas junkies that they are, would have a yuletide tree decked in anything other than luxurious crystal ornaments.

The latter are to the festive season what a Cartier Jus En Clou bracelet is to fashion week: precisely what everyone would show off if they could afford it.

Kim Kardashian at ‘A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy’ 2018. (Credit: Getty Images)

If you care about home décor as much as your personal style, then cheap red tinsel and K-Mart baubles simply won’t cut it. In fact, we’d go as far as saying a tree dazzled with just a half dozen elegant crystal Christmas decorations dotted throughout silver balls is far better than one stacked with ho-hum cheap alternatives. Consider it the chic minimalist Christmas decor code.

Start by investing in a few keepsake elegant crystal ornaments each year, so they have sentimental value by the time you collect a full set, ready to be passed down as glittering heirlooms through the generations.

The Kardashian-West clan in front of Kris Jenner’s Christmas tree in 2017. (Credit: Instagram @kimkardashian)

But like anything of value, to keep them looking beautiful in both the short and long term, it’s important to look after them carefully. You wouldn’t hang a Chanel 2.55 mini on your fur tree and hope for the best, would you?

Follow these tips and your favourite crystal Christmas ornaments will keep their signature sparkle forever. Interior decoration goddess status, maintained.

Crystal Christmas decorations 101

Clever as modern crystal ornament product may well be, these are still delicate pieces that don’t like the elements, be that heat, sunlight or harsh chemicals. So in other words, don’t hang them over the fireplace, in direct sunlight or in places they might end up covered in air fresheners, perfumes or fly sprays.

Christmas decorations in Australia

Sunny summer days also make for humid nights. Constant moisture is the natural enemy of the crystal jewellery and crystal ornaments. Wipe them over gently once a day with a soft, dry cloth, using the same gentle circular motions you would sunglasses if they were foggy or dirty. Use small circular motions, An even easier alternative is a soft lint-free glove, like the ones used by jewellers. Wiping’s made easy and you’re guaranteed to leave no fingerprints. Granted, not so easy if you have a two-story-high tree like Kris Jenner, but then, she wouldn’t be wiping down her own ornaments now, would she. (We’ve never felt luckier to have a regular, head-height tree.)

Christmas decorations by the ocean

Likewise, if you’re lucky enough to live near the sea, your crystal ornaments will need some extra TLC at least once a week. The same salty residue that leaves your car and home windows looking cloudy and feeling tacky will dull your crystal Christmas decorations and eventually degrade them. A dry cloth won’t cut it here, so try using a chemical-free baby wipe instead. If they’re good enough for newborn skin, they’re gentle enough for your crystal ornaments. This should remove the salt and restore the shine. Then a quick rub with a dry cloth will remove the residue.

The Do List

Do consider investing in a special jewelry cleaning cloth and some cotton gloves to polish your crystal ornaments.

Do give your crystal Christmas decorations an extra-thorough clean before you pack them away after the festive season. Store in the original box if you can.

Do make sure your crystal ornaments are not rubbing against one another or any other hard surfaces. They’re not diamond, but they can still scratch one another or be scratched.

The Don’t List

Don’t clean with alcohol or toothpaste. This might sound odd, but both were used in past generations to clean crystal tablewear when cloudy after considerable use. Modern Christmas decorations don’t need such harsh Downton Abbey methods.

Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions either as they’ll strip or damage the protective coating on crystal ornaments too.

Don’t soak them in water, ever.

Don’t position your Christmas tree so it’s in direct, blazing sunlight. Excess heat can damage the thin coating on your crystal Christmas decorations too.


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