For Solange Knowles, style, it would seem, comes intrinsically. She sells poetry, of all kinds. Forever our style, beauty, everything inspiration – with a plucky character and arty nonchalance, she is infinitely herself, always. 

She is also always fearless when it comes to her hair, and unlike her Queenly honeypot sister, never goes near a straightening iron – forever embracing her natural curl. For those blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair, many see said blessing as more of a burden, a curse in fact. An all too familiar hypothesis is so often spun from those of natural curls: I hate my curly hair. Of course, whilst the grass always seems so much fresher and neatly cut on the other side, Solange is teaching us a lesson in appreciating the unruly, sometimes wild and wavy grass on our own side of the hair fence. Not only a lesson in self-love, but a beauty mantra to take heed of promptly: girl (and boy), embrace what you’ve got with conviction and flair.

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Credit: Instagram, @saintrecords

So how exactly does one embrace their natural kink? With a loyal team of curl-kind hair products, which heighten your tightly spun tendrils or perky coils in the best way possible. They key to the perfect curl is striking a balance between hydration and weight. Retaining moisture is imperative, however so is a weightless texture – you don’t want to weigh down the curls. It’s to boost the bounce, not thwart it, so look for products which are both supremely hydrating but have a sheer, weightless viscosity – anything too heavy will drag them down. A shine serum or spray is also needed to fight the frizz, which is often a much despised byproduct of naturally curly hair.

For the lionhearted, don’t be tamed. Encourage, don’t fight the wave.

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Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @saintrecords