The fridge in my apartment is not just a normal fridge. It has condiments and almond milk sure, but it’s also got jade rollers, sheet masks, and face mists. Why the big skincare chill? Because it’s the easiest, quickest, cheapest way to de-puff my face every morning, and now, it’s also yours. Essentially, cold things tighten swollen skin, and coupled with a bit of light massage, you’ll wonder how you went so long with the thermostat set to room temperature. Whether it’s travel, too much salt, not enough sleep, wine, or crying over your ex, if you need to de-puff and wake up skin in a pinch, read on.

Sheet masks
One of the easiest ways to simultaneously de-puff and hydrate your face is with a sheet mask. Keep a few cheapies in the fridge full time, or pop one in the freezer for five minutes if you need to work fast. Go for something with hyaluronic acid for plump, moisturised skin. If eye bags are your issue, opt for an under-eye patch specifically. In real desperate times, the old spoon in the freezer trick also works a treat – just hold over the eye for thirty seconds and gently roll upwards and outwards. This is a good one if you’re in a hotel with limited beauty supplies.
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Jade Roller
If you’re the proud owner of a jade roller or gua sha tool, you might already pop it in the freezer on occasion for a spot of DIY cryotherapy. You’re on to a good thing. My favourite trick is to use the excess serum after a sheet mask to provide enough slip for the facial massage. Focus on lifting the skin as opposed to dragging, using the tool to carve out the cheekbones and jaw line, as well as under the eye. If I’m flying, I’ll often ask for a cup of ice and stick my roller in there for a few minutes. After 12+ hours of recycled air and water retention, it’s bliss.
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Face Mist
For a refresh between meetings, post workout, or after the beach, an iced face mist is heaven. Use to prep skin or to set makeup. It’s also a brilliant last step post icy serum and jade roller. I can see the bone structure already.
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