If you were at the back of the line when God was giving out brow hair (or grew up in the ’90s), it’s not all bad brow news. According to brow expert, Jazz Pampling, you can brow (verb) even when you have none (or very little).

In our clever world, there are now myriad brow-growing options to get you bulking your brows in no time.

Here, Jazz dissects all the brow-growing options on the market; weighing up the pros and the cons to give you a little brow clarity.

Brow growth serums
These are a great way to help bring your brows back to life. They do work, however it can take a couple months to see results. I always recommend that you leave the product near your toothbrush, so you never forget to use it. It is really important you keep a strict routine with these products to ensure you see results. Brow Food is a brilliant serum. Its Ecocert certified, dermatologist tested & approved, and vegan.

The downside to these sorts of products are they only work while you use them, (this is the same for lash growth serums). They essentially stop the hair you currently have from falling out, so there are more active follicles hanging out all at once. It doesn’t heal damaged follicles and it won’t create new follicles. So, when you stop using the serum, you will see hair loss.

It’s worth using a full bottle exactly as instructed and then buy a second bottle and use it 3 – 4 times a week as maintenance. This is the least invasive way to helping a brow look good again, without the use of makeup, and well worth a try.

Castor oil
An old wives tale from many moons ago. It has been my experience that this helps condition the brow and when my clients have used castor oil I see a healthy brow. It’s generally fuller and the hair is conditioned. Not a waste of time to try, however if you have a really damaged brow, this will not give you any great results.

Blackmores do a hair, skin and nails supplement. I don’t believe this will be a cure all for your patchy brow. However, it can’t hurt. Nourishing the body from inside and out is always important.

Microblading / feathering Tattooing
Tattooing is a trend that has taken brows by storm. It has given life to many damaged brows. It can help fill gaps and give the illusion there is hair where there really isn’t.

I really believe this trend should only be for someone with badly damaged brows and no brow at all. If your brow is basically fine and you want to tattoo simply for a couple gaps, it could be more trouble than it’s worth. This trend has the potential to be one of the most damaging services to hit the industry. Far worse than anything the ’90s did to us.

Make sure you research who is doing it for you, their training, their results and how they expect your brow to look in 6 months. This is a service that requires yearly maintenance. There are issues with long term scarring as well, and very few people understand this. Well trained artists understand the scarring issues and will be upfront and honest about it.

Hair transplant
This can be a great option and if you are seriously considering brow tattooing, then I think you should investigate this too. The process involves taking hair from your head and implanting it into your brow. The issues with this service can be that your hair continues to grow, so regular trimming is required. Sometimes the follicles may not hold the implanted hair. Like anything you do in the beauty world, research, research, research. See at least three practitioners and be informed.