In news that will surprise no one, Ariana Grande’s beauty brand was released earlier this week with huge aplomb. Called r.e.m beauty, the launch is part of a huge uptick of celebrity beauty brands — r.e.m’s point of difference being that celestial, futuristic aesthetic Grande is known for.

Named after a track on her 2018 album Sweetener, the brand launched with Chapter One: Ultraviolet, a 12-piece collection comprised of lip, eye and face products, as well as fake lashes. According to Instagram, the singer has been working on the venture for over two years, testing various concepts and samples on tour, at press events and as part of her hosting duties on the US version of The Voice.

But now that it’s out in the world — and being compared to the likes of Rare Beauty and Fenty — what’s the general consensus?

Given Grande’s giant fan base, the overwhelming reception has been positive. Fellow pop star and friend Miley Cyrus broke the comments section when she said that her lips were on ‘fire’ from using an entire tube of the plumping gloss, as seen in the below post:

Miley Cyrus: Okurrrrrr……. Just unboxed my gifttttta that shit is unclockable! My lips are currently on 🔥 from using the entire tube of plumping gloss! I loveeeeeee you! 💄

There’s also been countless posts of fans thrilled for Grande for following her dream, and launching a brand with such beautiful textures, shades and packaging.

As is always the case though, callout Instagram @dietprada did call out the fact that people on reddit were accusing Grande of copying Colour Zone, a Chinese cosmetics company with similar futuristic packaging. The brand hasn’t yet replied to the claims, but Grande was quoted telling Vogue that she wanted to ensure every launch looked like “a prop from either Star Trek or Black Mirror.”

For now, the range is available exclusively on the brand’s website — there’s no word whether it will launch into third party retailers (or in the Australian market) any time soon.

Explore the range here: