Credit: Instagram @rosiehw

Perfumes and scents are sure-fire mood shifters, with the ability to make us feel happier and more energized, sexier and even sleepier with every whiff. How? “When we inhale a fragrance, it has a direct link to our brain, and can elicit a physical and emotional reaction,” explains Julie Nelson, Perfumer and Aromatherapy Consultant. “Fragrances in beauty products really can uplift and invigorate, or calm and relax.”

So, why not let your mood play muse to your next perfume purchase with the latest olfactory offerings?


Vanilla: Relaxing
Sweet and warming, scientists have found that the scent of vanilla can elevate feelings of joy and relaxation.
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Rose: Calming
Inhaling rose has been shown to improve mental strength and ease anxiety. “Floral fragrances, like rose and jasmine, are sensual and exotic, and can bring a sense of calm and be very soothing. They make great bedtime fragrances to help relax and unwind,” says Nelson.
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Jasmin: Uplifting
Research has found that jasmine can serve as a way to help with depressive thoughts, aid in the relief of depression and lead to an uplifted mood. It has also been found to have a calming effect on the autonomous nervous system, while still leaving the mind calm and clear. Rather impressive for such a small flower.
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Citrus: Energy
The pick-me-up effect of citrus is proven as its ability to raise cognitive performance as well as reduce stress. “Citrus scents are great all rounder’s, as they tend to make us happy and remind us of warm sunny days. I love to use them first thing in the morning for an energizing effect,” says Nelson.
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