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Noted male spinster Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly been hanging out with 23-year-old German model Lorena Rae. Have you got past how stunning this woman is? And that fact she’s not a blonde?


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Great, we can continue. According to The New York Post‘s Page Six, the actor was spotted with Rae and “a male pal” having lunch at Hillstone on Park Avenue. Upon leaving DiCaprio tipped his trademark baseball cap over his face in a bid to avoid attention – of course this actually doesn’t work. But – sound the alarm – this isn’t the first time DiCaprio and Rae have been spotted together. They have reportedly been seen bike-riding together in New York, hanging in Monaco and chilling on a yacht with friends in St. Tropez. The latter is typical DiCaprio swoon style so we do not care that both representatives have denied a romantic relationship.

This feature is really for Rae. While we wouldn’t turn down a date with 42-year-old DiCaprio, we think the young model needs to take some notes from the women before her. Below are some of the first candid pictures captured in the early days of DiCaprio’s former relationships and some commentary on the actor’s swooning moves from GRAZIA’s body language expert, Allan Pease (

Yes, consider this a little piece of foresight for all suspecting future DiCaprio lovers and a rule-book on how to spot a make-believe Jordan Belfort from a (courting) mile away.

He will eventually win you over, even if you know better. As learnt by Cameron Diaz
“Diaz is holding her arm across her body protecting herself from DiCaprio’s wandering motives,” explains Pease. “His reputation as a lady’s man is probably in the forefront of her mind and Diaz is not a player in the game of love like he is. While their bodies are not touching, we can see they are into each other at this point but Diaz is holding back as evident through her tight-lipped smile – one that says she is not believing everything she is hearing. DiCaprio’s smooth appeal lies in his symmetrical, boyish looks but given Diaz’s head tilt, she is skeptical and he is striking out tonight.”

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He’ll get super close to you to show he’s into you. As learnt by Kelly Rohrbach
“DiCaprio’s trademark is his open-mouthed smile. Just like primates, the actor uses it as a way of gaining acceptance and to show he is playful and non-threatening. He also uses close proximity to reveal his intentions. Rohrbach is mirroring his expressions indicating mutual feelings about him, however her negative arm-cross and hand-to-chin gesture shows she is unsure about the circumstances they are in and is figuring out what to do next.”

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He’ll mirror your expressions. As learnt by Rihanna
“There’s more close proximity and touching from DiCaprio and both he and Rihanna are using the same ‘masking’ expression.  This is done when people don’t want to be noticed or don’t want to reveal their emotions. They are mirroring each other’s masking in this shot though showing that whatever is going on there, they both feel the same way about it.”

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Even if the first date isn’t amazing, he’ll get you on the second. As learnt by Bar Rafaeli
“DiCaprio has taken a classic male primate pose; legs spread to reveal the goods, arm draped over the chair claiming territory and sitting far enough back for Rafaeli to check it all out.  However, she’s not going for it. As humans, we face our bodies and feet in the direction we’d like to be going and her desire is to be elsewhere. Her head is turned toward him purely to acknowledge his presence and her left arm creates a barrier between them.  Her expression shows a mild contempt and probably explains why his left hand is supporting his head; he knows he’s striking out and boredom is setting in. This is not a fun date.”

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He’ll stare broodingly at you. As learnt by Gisele Bundchen
“Leo’s lingering stare is another of his trademark gestures. He stands close to Gisele, touches her, gazes at her and lets her take centre. This is what the Casanova types use to evoke emotional responses from women.”

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He likes an assertive woman, but you still might not be happy. As learnt by Kristen Zang
“DiCaprio’s eyes are smiling which means he is not putting in for the camera. Zang’s body language reveals she is holding back. Her smile is fake for the camera and there is nothing going on in her eyes. She’s not the right one for him but he is very happy with her. Her hand is on top of his indicating she has the upper hand in this relationship.”

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