Art: Kimberlee Kessler

Annd….exhale! With all the retrograde hijinks officially behind you, this week you get five full days of the Virgo season you know and love: decluttering, refining, editing (and rejecting, should you be so moved). This is what Virgo season is famous for, the satisfaction of clearing things out, untangling knots and ticking off to-do lists.

While the momentum feels great, the moon could highlight a little fractiousness between Monday and Thursday that makes dealing with other people a little ick. Keep that in mind when things feel edgy, stick to solitary tidying projects, or at least avoid teaming up with difficult personalities.

The Equinox on Saturday ushers in Libra season and delivers an astrological calendar alert to assess how well balanced you’re feeling. Make space to think about how you’re handling the juggle that is being alive in 2023, and consider what you might need to scale back or increase to bring yourself back into harmony. With Mercury still in Virgo, fine-tuning your routine will still be a work in progress.

Hot tip: I always recommend you read your rising sign for the most resonant advice. If you don’t know it, you can work it out by casting your chart here. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of my book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart or find me on Instagram at @emma_vee


If you’re not already on a health kick, you’ve got five more days to use astro energy to help fuel your motivation. Batch cook for the week, reactivate your ClassPass and make an effort to get into the groove of a cleaner routine. By Saturday, the Equinox will shift the focus bringing a whole lot of energy into your relationship so trust when you hear you’ll be grateful to have found a new routine to keep you grounded.


Savouring the last few days of Virgo season means indulging in the small yet satisfying tasks that bring you joy. Whether it’s colour coding your bookshelf or matching your bras and undies, indulge your Type A streak and savour the simple pleasure of doing things “the right way” (read: your way). Once Libra season kicks off, your health will come into focus, so enjoy the simplicity while the going is good.


Chances are the domestic blitz that Virgo season usually inspires just hasn’t gelled this year. The good news is, this week you should find your rhythm and once you start, there’ll be no stopping you. Cyclone Gemini is on the loose with no unmatched sock or Tupperware lid safe. Go to town and enjoy the guilt-free thrill of throwing out expired food from your pantry.


With the moon moving through some tender territory, it’s a week to tread carefully. Rather than getting caught up in the drama, give yourself permission to lay low. Stay in your own lane, busy yourself with getting your wfh zone sorted. Fall in love with stationery, colour code your Google calendar, whatever floats your boat. By Saturday the Equinox will pull focus on your home and family, so enjoy the solo tidying while you can.


While you’re busy sorting out receipts or trying to stick to your brand new savings plan, there’s drama further afield. The start of the week looks a little tricky especially with family and/or your housemates. Stay in your own lane by keeping yourself busy with your own mess. When someone tries to get a rise out of you, politely step aside, and focus on life admin. A little bit of “too busy for this nonsense” is a perfectly valid response right now.


Your only goal this week is to savour every last drop of Virgo season, the way it’s supposed to be. Refine, reorganise and restructure something completely indulgent – makeup bags, bathroom cabinets and wardrobes are all highly recommended. The Equinox signals a change in focus, with money becoming a major theme. For now, those shoe boxes won’t rearrange themselves, so get to work.


Virgo season has been a journey, but there is light at the end of the tunnel this week. With your home season an undeniable glimmer on the horizon, you’ve got one last chance to integrate and consolidate what you learned over the past four weeks. No doubt your subconscious has been unearthing some stuff you thought you had totally moved past. Remember growing and evolving is a lifelong process; discovering new (or long forgotten) skeletons in your closet is not a failing.


If you’re feeling a little emo at the start of the week, rest assured you’re just having a lunar moment. As you straighten out something that’s been hanging over your head – especially issues with friends – there’s every reason why you might be feeling a little sensitive. Use the officious Virgo energy to start plotting some time off. By Saturday, the tides will turn, and you’re given the green light to start bailing more and recuperating. You’ve earned a break.


Patience may not be your strong suit but you’ve been given no choice other than to sit tight and wait lately, especially on the work front. Thankfully this week the knots begin to untangle and you should start to feel a little more clarity around what the hell is going on. Friday (AEST and GMT) looks especially nice for creativity and serendipity; and if you’ve got news to celebrate, let the good times roll. Bottoms up!


Is there any better feeling than committing to a full-throttle health kick? We think not… at least not while the Sun is still in Virgo (until Saturday AEST and GMT). If you needed an excuse to upgrade your yoga studio membership, consider this your sign from above. Dust off your Keto recipes, stock up on Seedlip and get stuck in. Work is about to get intense (post Equinox) so do the organising now to help you stay healthy when things heat up.


Got a pen and paper handy? Your notes app will work fine too – use wherever you feel you can be more vulnerable. Now take a moment to reflect on the old wounds that have been reopened since late August (24 AEST, 23 GMT). What have you learned about yourself? Write a list, and let yourself really reflect on what’s come to light. Don’t let the a-ha moments go by without giving them the credence they deserve, this week is for consolidating.


With the seeds of a new cycle firmly planted in the ground (and a clear idea on where improvements can be made), now it’s time to get on with it. Fine tuning your dynamic with the people closest to you is an ongoing dance. Keep your eye on the end goal and aim to do a little bit of upkeep each day – calendar reminders most welcome. Don’t let all those tough conversations be for nothing.