Art: Kimberlee Kessler

A little navel-gazing never hurt anyone, especially not this week. Comfort food, Netflix and your favourite sweats are the cosmic prescription to follow, as the sky gives you a clear directive, “take it slow”. As we swim up and out of the depths of a seriously intense eclipse season, it’s a time for integration. With Mercury at a crawl and Venus moving into Cancer, JOMO never felt so good.

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Despite the generally low-fi feel, there’s opportunity for Aries folks…if you’re willing to push past the desire to stay couch-bound all week. As the planet related to confidence, abundance and optimism prepares to depart your home sign (where it visits only once every 12 years), you’ve got a brilliant chance to savour the last rays of ‘I’ve got this’ and go for broke. Tuesday (AEST and GMT) looks like the optimum moment to launch and/or pitch your big idea, while Saturday (AEST and GMT) looks potent for more heartfelt conversations.


Among the very sensitive waves breaking this week, there’s a shot of creative genius to be had around Tuesday. Flipping the script or attempting something that absolutely terrifies you (or even better, both) is the secret to making the most of the energy. Later in the week, don’t poke the bear unless you’re in the mood to kick off. Keep your own counsel and rise above any unseasonable moodiness – it’s not you, it’s them.


With your ruling planet moving at a glacial pace you could be feel especially foggy this week. Capitalise on the go-slows rather than trying to push against it by taking some time out for reflection. A seemingly random download could electrify your perspective, especially around Tuesday when your sixth sense will be extra witchy. Use the rest of the week to ponder what it all means and leave the hard slog to later in May as much as you can.


With Venus now front and centre in your home sign (until 5 June AEST and GMT), sentimentality, nostalgia and all the feels bring a major mood shift. It’s a sweet escape from the irritation and potentially unsettled feeling you may have had since (25 March AEST and GMT). Avoid D&Ms Thursday/Friday when the skies look more touchy than productive. Saturday has the stuff to really distil how you’re feeling, and make some big-time commitments.


Brilliant ideas and bullet proof confidence is coming in hot early when the Sun and Uranus meet for a once-a-year date (Tuesday AEST and GMT). It’s the system reset you need after a heavy eclipse season, and just the thing to help you reconnect with your mojo, especially at work. Managing up, putting yourself out there and taking a leap of faith could help shift stagnancy that’s felt like a roadblock the past year or two. Just make sure you have that conversation with your mentor before Thursday.


A salty dynamic that’s been irking you of late – possibly with a friend –should start to feel a whole lot less dramatic this week as Venus sails in to help ease tensions. They won’t disappear completely, and could feel as frosty as ever around Thursday/Friday – but come next weekend, there’s a sense of resolve and emotional maturity if you feel it needs to be addressed. Just give yourself the week to mull it over and get clear how you really feel.


There’s a warm change coming your way this week now that Venus, your ruling planet has slid into Cancer. The TLDR version is that feelings, creativity and your most treasured connections will feel extra juicy the next couple of weeks (until 5 June AEST and GMT). That’s a nice contrast to the otherwise moody weather swirling in the stratosphere. Keep a low profile later in the week before a wave of emotion hits on Saturday inspiring you to commit to something more serious.


Let your partner in crime (romantic or platonic) take the lead on Tuesday when a moment of genius could help you leapfrog over an ongoing roadblock. While they’re solving the world’s problems, your only priority is resting your weary body (and mind) after the eclipse last weekend. With the moon moving through its most solitary spots, reflecting on what has ended, and what could be beginning, will be more than enough to keep you occupied.


While the rest of the zodiac are licking their wounds this week, your mission is to find a way to let off steam, or hook up… or both! Tuesday or Saturday look the sauciest (avoid Thursday/Friday if possible) windows, so slip into something that makes you feel adventurous and giddy up! With your ruling planet (Jupiter) about to depart the sphere ruling pleasure, now is the time to get up to mischief.


You can breathe a sigh of relief this week as relations with your co-pilots (in business, love or friendship) lighten up. It’s a welcome key change after a potentially irritable six weeks (since 25 March GMT and AEST). The issues that have been causing angst won’t go away overnight, but they will feel a lot less irritating. That’s good news, especially come Saturday when an ensemble of planets inspire you to get in touch with your feelings and express how you really feel.


The pressure is off, or at least lessened this week as eclipse season shifts into the rear-view mirror and the Sun and Uranus challenge you to shake things up at home. Synthesising the aftershocks will be your #1 priority, as the moon casts a serious glow over proceedings during the week, especially Thursday. Pay attention to unexpected revelations or surprising emotional outbursts. They’re not without significance to the bigger picture unfolding for you in 2023.


With emotions running high you’ll need to have your energetic game on lock to avoid being drawn into other people’s drama this week. Stay in your own lane – especially Thursday/Friday when things could be blown out of proportion in a matter of seconds. On Saturday, once the moon lands in your home sign, the window to speak your mind and commit to something romantic (or action something creative) will be *chefs kiss*.