Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The astrological new year (the start of Aries season) usually marks a big energetic reboot, but this year Aries season has a decidedly different feel to it. After a bumpy start to the month kicking off with a spicy new moon (1 April AEST and GMT), anxiety peaks around 5 April when Mars and Saturn highlight the need for future-focused action.

Thankfully things lighten up by 8 April, when Jupiter and Neptune meet up for a couple of blissful weeks. It’s a time even the most cynical among us will be feeling a little bit giddy. Finding the deeper wisdom in our experiences (even the salty ones) will be infinitely easier, helping facilitate deep healing. The desire to surrender and transcend will be overpowering as Jupiter and Neptune sashay through the ethereal waters of Pisces.

The trick is to think about how you like to escape the everyday before the fairy dust descends. If you’re not prepared for it, falling face first into a vat of Pinot Grigio may be your knee-jerk reaction. That may be just the thing you’re after, but if you’re not down for the hangover, plan ahead and schedule something delicious (think: a weekend in the country or a few days by the ocean).

If you need to get stuff done, top load the first fortnight of the month. Once Mars moves into Pisces (15 April AEST and GMT) creative flow increases as fast as motivation for anything ordinary leaves the building.



Things may not be moving at quite the breakneck speed you’d like this Aries season (until 20 April AEST and GMT) but there’s still some silver linings to be had. Keep a dream journal by your bed and pay attention to random pings. Your intuition is your best friend this month, especially when you’re faced with tricky decisions. Finding your way by “feeling” rather than “doing” may not be your usual MO but the skies are urging you to trust your gut (rather than your head) and see what happens when you switch things up.


If you struggled to get onboard the fun train last month, letting your hair down should feel a whole lot easier in April. The relentless grind around your career should start to wane once Venus moves into Pisces (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), beckoning you to do less and play more. While the sun nudges you to take it easy, an all-star line-up of planets in your social sphere will make it hard to lay low. Clear the decks and manage expectations with co-workers that for once in your life, productivity may not be a strong suit.


The strokes of genius and out-of-this-world invitations continue this month, as more Pisces power continues to inspire your work life. Once Venus moves into Pisces (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), making the right connections to get your grand plans off the ground should be a whole lot easier. Capitalise on the charm offensive and work the room, but don’t let yourself get sucked in by people talking a big game. That famous Gemini judgement can detect BS at 20 paces; now’s the time to put it to good use.


The first week of the month looks a little touchy, especially at the office. If things kick off, take a minute to reflect on what the deeper issue is; chances are it’s not really about that tiny trivial thing they say it is. Things soften after the first week when Venus (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), then Mars (15 April AEST and GMT) moves into Pisces bringing lots of creative, dreamy energy. If you can take a break, the last three weeks of the month look ideal as the skies urge you to switch off and sign out from reality.


The pressure starts to ease around your love life from the 15 April once Mars leaves your relationship sector. It should come as a relief, although don’t be surprised if you feel like falling in a heap. April is a great time to lay low and do some inner work, as big Pisces energy invites you to make space to process everything that’s been going on. What has the last couple of months taught you about intimacy, power and fear? You don’t have to have all the answers, but being willing to ask yourself the question is a great start.


Triggers and tender spots that could resurface early in the month when a new moon in Aries (1 April) acts as a catalyst for some deep reflection. You may be surprised by what comes up, but pay attention: if you’re willing to acknowledge it, it could help build resilience. After a rough start, things look a lot rosier once Venus moves into your romantic sphere (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT). It’s big heart-eye-emoji territory, but if you find yourself swept off your feet, be mindful the astro weather could make people appear a little more flawless than they actually are.


Your relationship is in focus the first few weeks of the month (20 April) although the mood will soften dramatically after the 15th. After a salty start – courtesy of a very tender new moon (1 April), Mars and Saturn bring tension around hook-ups, partying or – if you’re in that life stage – kids. Slowing down and giving yourself a break is the best way to cope with it all, especially once Venus (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), then Mars (15 April AEST and GMT) move into Pisces. Quit pushing and give yourself permission to rest. Preferably somewhere with a kick-ass room service menu.


Bracing yourself for a bit of tension – especially if you manage a team – the first week of April and you’ll at least be prepared for the drama. Thankfully things start to look a lot less tricky as the month rolls on, and Venus (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), then Mars (15 April AEST and GMT) join Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. It’s a windfall of lush, creative energy perfect for getting lost in a new project or relationship. Clear the decks – especially the last week of the month – and book a luxe weekend away for some mind-blowing sex. The skies are too dreamy not to.


The low-key vibes continue this month as two more planets bring an ethereal glow to your home fires urging you to text “sorry, not going to make it”. While the sun in Aries (until 20 April) teases you to come out and play (or at least have a few drinks), the lazy comfort of quiet nights in front of the TV will be too tempting to resist. Who even are you? It’s unusual, but don’t try and fight it; this is a very finite – and rare for Sagittarians – window in time where staying in feels better than being out and about.


After what has been a fairly epic start to the year, April is an invitation to take time out and do some inner work – starting from the very first day. A new moon in Aries (1 April) asks you to set fresh intentions around healing, especially related to family politics. Where do you want to start afresh? Meanwhile, if you’ve been sitting on an business or creative idea, the final three weeks of the month look lush for fleshing it out. Try not to fixate on where it’s going, but just let yourself play and brainstorm. You could be onto something…


The first week of the month looks tense, with a peak in anxiety caused by a frustrating setback. Breathe through it and lean into your self-care practices with the knowledge this too shall pass. All the drama will have you ready to splurge, as Venus (6 April AEST; 5 April GMT), then Mars (15 April AEST and GMT) sashay into your financial sector. Fortuitous opportunities to make money could come your way too, but holding onto it will be tricky. Before you go all-in on that Hermes throw, phone a friend for a second opinion.


The start of April is all about cash as the new moon in Aries (1 April) asks you to set some tough-but-fair goals. It’s hard but necessary work if you’re willing to be brave and go there. With intentions set, and a clear idea of where your cash is at, you can treat yourself guilt-free. And once the first week is behind you, you’ll be so in the mood for a little bit of pampering. Get your colour done, book in some laser or get a massage. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself – so long as you know your limits.