Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The week gets off to a frisky start when green lights and good vibes inspire a rush of “This is amazing! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”. It’s sunshiny weather for anyone who suffers from performance anxiety. If that sounds like you, catch the wave and do the thing you’ve been too shy to follow through on. If on the other hand you have no problem putting yourself out there, beware it will be very easy to overcommit yourself. As the week rolls on, a cathartic conversation could lead to a powerful realisation, but finding a compassionate way to say “thanks, but no thanks” will be the trickiest moment.

Hot tip: I always recommend you read your rising sign for the most resonant advice. If you don’t know it, you can work it out by casting your chart here. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of my book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart or find me on Instagram at @emma_vee


Make like McConaughey and go for broke as green lights have you feeling in flow early in the week. The weather is *chefs kiss* for kicking off something new, putting yourself out there or taking a risk. While the mood turns more serious by Thursday, don’t be perturbed that it spells disaster for your earlier endeavours. The setback is short-term.


Brace yourself for a light bulb moment on Monday/Tuesday when the planets promise divine inspiration, especially in the form of symbolic dreams. After an energised start, the need to enforce boundaries will become a priority; particularly when it comes to cash. Trust that a handbrake may be necessary to temper silly spending.


With Venus making an entrance in your home sign this week (Tuesday GMT and AEST) the lure of a spontaneous mani/pedi/blowdry/LED facial has never been stronger. The same day, a D&M has the potential to deepen or clarify an existing relationship (salon therapy, perhaps?). No sooner have your nails dried than you’re forced to get into the ring at work (April 14 GMT and AEST). “No” might not come easily to you, but sometimes it’s a necessary discomfort.


If you’ve been waiting for a big, shiny “DO pass go, DO collect $200” sign, Monday/Tuesday looks golden to deliver the goods. With Jupiter rebooting, the serendipity – especially when it comes to your work – is hard to beat. A little bit of tough love later in the week could cause a momentary wobble, but don’t let it derail your longer-term plan. Good things take time.


Blue sky dreaming Monday through Wednesday has the potential to galvanise a big picture goal. This is “go big or go home” weather (think: let’s move to San Sebastián for 12 months). The comedown later in the week could feel rough but bringing friends in on any shared project means you’ll have to get real about boundaries from the outset. Don’t be afraid to be the one putting them in place.


Standing your ground with your partner, your boss, or both will be a tough but necessary endeavour this week. After a cathartic meeting of the minds on Tuesday, pushing back or saying “no” will be an exercise in self-preservation. Stand your ground and don’t back down, no matter how sweet their sales pitch is.


Give your main squeeze – platonic or romantic – the benefit of the doubt this week and shake off any underlying blahs by doing something spontaneous. With Jupiter and the Sun daring you to take a risk, the energy is primed for you to get over any resentment you’ve been carrying around and believe that things can and will be better/brighter/happier.


This week’s astrology is like that annoying, perky PT who calls to see why you haven’t been training lately. If the mere mention of it is enough to get your back up, consider this your nudge from above to dust off the compression tights and get back on the treadmill. A rush of energy the first few days of the week means you’re in the perfect position to set a fitness goal and go for broke. Half marathon by September perhaps?


What pipe dream makes your heart skip a beat? Whether it’s getting your own SUP or learning to sew, this week the sky is nudging you to stop saying, “one day…” and taking the first courageous steps. Mastery isn’t immediate but beginning exactly where you are is the first step towards a brand-new adventure.


The seed of something ambitious, exciting and visionary could take root this week as Jupiter and the Sun dare you to dream big. It may not take off straight away, but no one better than you knows how to be patient. The fresh start could mark the beginning of a new chapter at home or with a family member. Believe things could work out, and they must just surprise you.


Pitching, selling or just talking your way into an upgrade is all within reach early in the week when your communication skills get a big boost of confidence. It’s the perfect astro weather to work your elevator pitch, run a flash sale on your side hustle or list that bag on Depop. Despite the glitzy start, cash flow (or lack thereof) could put a kibosh on fun. Don’t fret – the setback is a momentary speedbump.


With your ruling planet getting a baptism by fire early in the week, the temptation to tap away your  rainy-day savings could be too much to bear. Stay away from mid-season sales to avoid spending like you’ve just signed on to star in a Marvel movie. Later in the week, pushing back on a colleague, especially a boss – will require some delicate manoeuvring. Look at it as a golden opportunity to say “no” without kicking off a major drama.