“Christmas is probably my favourite time of year because I get to spend the whole morning preparing food with mum.”
Jess Pecoraro


We all dream of a traditional Christmas, but Italians embrace the season in their own, special way. Festivities start early in December and carry into the New Year, meaning Italian-Aussies definitely know a thing or two about making it a lasting affair to remember.

While it might be the delicious sight of iced prawns, a creamy Pavlova or the smell of a sizzling barbecue that ignites the Christmas spirit down under, at the Pecoraro family home in Sydney, it’s the gentle waft of “basil and tomato” that put them in a merry mood.

Influencer, international model and younger sister, Roberta Pecoraro needs little introduction to anyone au fait with the fashion world. Indeed, she’s starred in several of GRAZIA’s fashion shoots throughout 2018.

In this fashion video, she joins older sibling, magazine fashion editor-turned-celebrity stylist, Jess Pecoraro, who’s dressed the likes of Georgia Fowler, Jesinta Franklin and Pip Edwards. Together, they introduce us to the family home where they’ll spend Christmas, and between stifled giggles and sisterly banter, the pair reflects on the importance of family during the festive season, especially given their busy international schedules.

Hectic, their lives may be, but when December comes around, it’s a chance for them to slow down and reconnect. As the story unfolds, the siblings reflect on their fondest Christmas memories. Given much of their extended family still live in Italy, it’s not uncommon for December 25 to feature just a small gathering of loved ones. On rare occasions, however, the extended clan are part of the festive fun.

“Jess’s husband came and they’re a family of 50, so it was a massive Christmas with heaps of kids running around, and so much food and dessert,” says Roberta, of the year before last.

No matter the size of the guest list, the Pecoraro sisters still dress to impress. Fashion is something that connects the two regardless of the physical space between them, so getting their Christmas looks ready is (almost) as important as decking the table with food.

Roberta’s signature bohemian style is quite different to Jess’s more classic, tailored look, but both unite on a joint love of accessories. In this video, Jess’s elegant, refined necklaces and rings, compliment Roberta’s nature-inspired jewels. For the younger sister, a dainty rose gold necklace is paired with a mixed metal chain featuring butterflies, leaves and beetles.

Whether Italian or Australian, classic or bohemian, Merry Christmas or Buon Natale, it’s the season to reconnect and remind ourselves of love. Perhaps you show appreciation with the exchange of a gift or kind words, or maybe, like the Pecoraro sisters, you’ll find sharing a sparkly Christmas accessory is the key to family unity.


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Words by Georgia Cate