Image credit: Instagram/wsjm photographed by David Abrahams

One of the oldest fashion houses in the world has finally shown the world its launch into beauty. As reported by the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the long-awaited Hermès cosmetic métier will begin with lipstick.

The line will come in 24 shades, with three additional options per season. As for texture, there will be one matte option (inspired by the soft feel of Hermès fine-grained suede, and one satin, reminiscent  of sheeny calf-skin leather traditionally used to craft the infamous Kelly bag. As for the casing, it is less a bullet and more a piece of art. Designed by creative director of jewellery and shoes Pierre Hardy, the colour-blocked packaging is fashioned from lacquered wood and hardware. Because of the design intricacies, the case is refillable, meaning that the initial purchase becomes a keepsake, playing host to a plethora of new shades over the course of a lifetime. As per the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Hardy explained that “the idea is a form that’s both simple and playful enough to allow it to be done and redone ad infinitum. It’s rare for an artistic director to think about packaging over a long period of time and not just a one-off.”

Image credit: Instagram/wsjm photographed by David Abrahams

And because Hermès is known for it’s playful fusion of form and fashion, there’s also set to be tiny accessories made available, namely a lip brush, lip pencil and necklace pendant.

While there is set to be further launches in the months to come, at this stage details are unavailable. For now, the world’s most beautiful lipstick is enough. The line is set to launch worldwide in March. We will update details as they become available.