In the 3rd arrondissement in Paris, the Carré Club is open for business (and carré-oke, if you’re game).

For French design house Hermès, the carré is a symbol of art. Of fun. Of craftsmanship. Of the storied history that is one of the world’s oldest ateliers. The carré is of course, in reference to the Hermès silk scarf. First created in 1937, the Hermès scarf has been a mainstay for the house, and while it’s undergone a myriad of evolutions, remains one of the calling cards of the brand. The Carré Club in particular is an exhibition of sorts that pay homage to the scarf by way of a range of interactive installations. And it’s finally landed in Paris, after a tour of New York, Milan, Toronto, Singapore and Los Angeles.

Held at the Carreau du Temple, it’s broken down into a series of spaces, including the Carré Studio where visitors can interact with artists as they work on silks with an expert hand and seemingly endless stream of creativity. Then there’s the Carré Cut, where one is able to touch and feel the silks, learning the art of scarf knotting. There’s also an indoor skate park (Carré Park), Carré OK for the musically-inclined, and even a Carré cafe should you fancy a spot of lunch.

In essence, it’s a melting pot of fashion and art and what the French call Joie de vivre; the joyous celebration of the life of the Hermès scarf. Open to the public, the Carré Club is in Paris until December 8, should you find yourself in the city of love any time soon. It’s even free for the public – proof that some good things in life, are, in fact free.