Behind ten years of the most eye-catching contour on the red carpet is ten years of friendship. Makeup master Mario Dedivanovic met reality TV queen Kim Kardashian back in 2008, and it was a match made in beauty heaven. Despite both his agency and colleagues insisting it would be the end for him, Mario’s career took off and there’s no stopping anytime soon. Now, as one of the most recognised makeup artists in the world, he has created his own makeup line with his long-time friend and muse.

Due to release on April 5, the ten-year anniversary of their first meeting, the KKW x Mario collaboration is allowing us to achieve even our wildest of glam dreams. Mario sought to inspire the passion for makeup in others, wanting this palette to be able to be used by “anybody to recreate our past looks”.

The inspiration for the collaboration was drawn from ten years worth of makeup looks he and Kim had worked on together: “I started pulling my favourites, and our favourites, and from there I kind of narrowed it down and started looking at all the looks, choosing colours that were similar across a lot of them”.

The name of each shade in the palette, Mario says, has a story. So far he has only let one name slip: Libra – that stunning, metallic cobalt blue named after the star sign Kim and Mario share. “A bunch of our looks from the past ten years have been different variations of blue, whether it be soft blue or brighter blue or navy blue. Some of those looks are Kim’s and my favourite. Kim was always hesitant and I always pushed her and so she trusted me most of the time and she allowed me to do it, so they wound up being some of her favourite looks.”

When it comes to trying colour, it seems Kim is not alone. “It was important for me to include that for all the girls out there, and the boys, for everyone out there who’s hesitant to try colour. I wanted to add that in there to inspire you and maybe one day you’ll pick up a little bit and you’ll do a light wash of it on your eyes or do a liner with it.”

“I just wanted to put that in to create inspiration. A lot of times if I have a palette and there’s a pop of colour in there, like a certain beautiful shade of colour, I get really inspired when I’m doing makeup, and I hope you guys do as well.”

Mario wanted this palette to thank and acknowledge his fans and followers, particularly the ones who have been with him since the start. “During the creation of this whole collaboration, I really did have all of you guys in mind”, he says on his Instagram, “All of you in the makeup community have shown us so much support over the past decade. To every Youtuber, to every makeup artist, to every girl out there who has been inspired by our looks. This is a thank you for you guys.”