H.E.R (Photo: Quil Lemons/Vanity Fair)

For her Academy Awards red carpet debut, H.E.R. graced the venue in a dazzling cobalt blue hooded-cape-and-matching-jumpsuit ensemble, leaving viewers aghast at her regal allure. And, for the observers who thought the hand-embellished beaded and sequinned garb resembled an iconic outfit of the past, look no further than Prince’s electric 1985 Academy Awards look.

In an interview with People’s Oscar Pre-Show, H.E.R. announced that her dazzling attire would be inspired by one of her favourite artists and even titled the look as “iconic” ( and we totally agree). The singer-songwriter’s look placed a modern twist on Prince’s lace-and-sequin combo the year he won his first and only Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for the music in his culturally-acclaimed film Purple Rain. The designer of H.E.R.’s custom jumpsuit, Peter Dundas, told InStyle: “We were inspired by Prince’s first trip to the Oscars where he won best song for “Purple Rain.” With him being one of her favourite artists, we decided to channel that winning energy.”

In this case, the art of manifestation truly worked as “Fight for You,” H.E.R. ‘s anthemic ballad for Judas and the Black Messiah, won the Best Original Song on Sunday night, winning over One Night in Miami (“Speak Now”), Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (“Husavik”),  The Life Ahead (“Io Sì (Seen)”), and The Trial of the Chicago 7 (“Hear My Voice”). The lyrics of the thematic song, created along with D’Mile and Tiara Thomas, were emblazoned along the border of the jumpsuit and cape and the lauded musician’s finished her fashion rendition with similarly-hued round Desierto frames, matching Giuseppi Zanotti heels, and purple smoky eyeshadow to seal it all together.

Now with an Oscar and Grammy win under her belt, the 23-year-old is halfway to achieving the heralded EGOT status and we are definitely rooting for more of the singer’s extraordinary red carpet looks on her way to it.