In 2020, Harry Styles sent the internet into a frenzy after he released the video clip to his hit track, “Watermelon Sugar”. It opened with text that read: “This video is dedicated to touching. May 18, 2020”. The video arrived just after the world’s first lockdown in wake of the pandemic. Dressed head-to-toe in Gucci, Styles gently caressed a cut watermelon before bikini-clad women fed fruit to the artist on the beach. Oh, to be that watermelon.

A popular fan theory suggested that Styles’ single is about, ahem… oral sex. In a 2019 interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the pop star was even asked if “Watermelon Sugar” was about “the joys of mutually appreciated oral pleasure.” At the time he shrugged off the question.

On stage in Nashville for Love on Tour, Styles confirmed the real meaning. And it’s safe to say we all called it long ago.

“This song is about…” Styles began telling the audience. “It doesn’t really matter what it’s about.”

He continued, “It’s about, uh, the sweetness of life.” He started singing the first few lines with the crowd before stopping and admitting, “It’s also about the female orgasm but that’s totally different, it’s not really relevant.”

Excuse me, Harry. It’s extremely relevant. Have you seen the music video?!

While on tour last week, Styles also took it upon himself to host a fan’s gender reveal on stage. And before that, he also handed out some very sage dating advice to a woman in the crowd.

The fan held a sign that said, “Should I text him?”. His response was utterly perfect.

If we’re playing games,” Styles said. “If you’re wondering, ‘Should I text him…Can’t text him too soon…And now I’m thinking about double texting and that’s whole other risky business…’ My personal opinion is that if there’s any sort of games: Trash, trash, trash, not for you.”