Harry Styles has always been candid about the things that make up his beauty and wellness routine. There are manicures (and nail polish), swims in London’s Hampstead Heath ponds whether it be rain, hail or shine, and, of course, pilates in studios lucky enough to welcome him all over the world. 

But, until now, the British musician had kept one thing on lock: his love of ice baths. 

Styles, who’s currently in the midst of his Love On Tour show run in the US, has been candidly sharing images along the way, including mid-performance shots, backstage candids and all the ‘fit pics his fashion-loving followers could dream of. But rather than showing him all dolled up in a sequin jumpsuit, Styles is sans clothes in his latest Instagram upload and chilling – quite literally – in a bath of ice. 

In the image taken in a hotel room on the Cologne leg of his shows, the 27-year-old is shown with his fists clenched while completely submerged in a black bath topped to the brim with ice. 

Ice baths, which are said to be a way to reduce inflammation, speed up metabolism and achieve mental clarity, have long been used by athletes to recover their muscles quickly after games, training or competitions. But in recent years, they’ve also been adopted by wellness-loving celebrities, such as Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow, who dedicated an entire episode of her Netflix series to Wim Hof’s (“The Ice Man”) techniques, which combine breath work with cold exposure.

For his part, Styles is likely using ice baths to keep his body in check during back-to-back live performances and the dancing, jumping and strain that comes with them. Alongside him and Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Liam Hemsworth and Oprah Winfrey have also sworn by ice baths in the past. But despite the universal love of all things Oprah, I doubt there’s any better advertisement for the trend than one naked Harry Styles.

Now, where’s the ice at?