Can objet ever be, in the spirit of the season, spooky?

In the right hands, why not? In the hands of Cire Trudon, almost certainly. As part of its collaboration with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (The French National Museum Organisation), Cire Trudon conjured an entire range of bust reproductions recast in various coloured waxes. This ex-voto, found during archaeological excavations in Syria during the 1850s and exhibited in the Louvre, is adorned with a wick (as is customary and in keeping with the primary function of a candle), but its form invokes a greater purpose. Engraved around its wrist in the finest voodoo pin-prick: Prokla en ex-voto, meaning, For herself or her house, to dedicate. It certainly casts a spell over its beholder.

Halloween needn’t be an entirely tasteless affair (I’m not only referring to the saccharine bounty of a trick-or-treater, but decorations or, as they’re better described, ‘Halloween homewares’) nor a short-lived one. Why not carry the holiday through the remainder of the year by adorning your haunted home or appalling office in the elemental? In a touch of onyx, as in Campbell Rey’s cauldron-like vide poche (‘onyx’ is derived from the Greek for ‘claw’); or in the use of dalmatian stone, as in a Cinnamon Projects’ incense burner – the stone used to ignite childlike exuberance for the occasion; or in the steely austerity of Minimalux’s mercurial accessories – a tube perfect for storying pills and potions, or a candleholder perfectly suited to the witching hour.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing of all about Halloween homewares might be the cost you incur at checkout.

Tile and cover image: Omar Merced
Art direction: Dané Stojanovic