Haute couture isn’t just a week where designers serve up their most intricate and avant-garde collections, it’s also a chance for the world’s leading hair and make-up artists to flex their creative muscles play with embellishments and deliver their own memory-making runway moments. And amongst the glitter lips and metallic eyelids, one hair trend kept cropping up – the half up, half down

Bella Hadid’s hair was styled into all three half-up variations at Alexandre Vauthier, Dior and Fendi
Credit: Instagram @alexandrevauthier, @hadidnews, @hadidnews

Guido Palau sent the girls down the Dior runway with their swingy blow-outs centre parted and half clipped. Securing the look with supersized snap clip, which looked like turbo versions of the ones that used to keep your fringe off your face on the monkey bars, the style offered an innocent contrast to Peter Philip’s graphic lined eyes.

Credit: Instagram @diormakeup, @gabriela_ganem

Taking a tougher approach was Sam McKnight who slicked back the hair half of the girls at Alexandre Vauthier, proving the half-up look can be anything but playground when done right.

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Credit: Instagram @christellecocquet

And cementing the half-up-half-down as the style of the couture circuit at Fendi’s full-blown, fashion fairy tail in Rome. Setting a foundation of fuzzy, corkscrew curls, McKnight centre-parted models’ hair and twisted it back securing with a long, furry ribbon. The runway was part pre-Raphaelite, part Belle from Beauty and the Beast and entirely perfection.

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For further proof of the styles It-girl appeal? Kate Hudson wore the style to host a dinner for the house that night and Kendall Jenner was seen slipping out after the show, curls and fuzzy accessory still in tact. Tick. Tick.


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Title Image: Instagram @sammcknight