Getting an inside look at the exact tips and tricks celebrities use to look red carpet-level flawless isn’t a common occurrence. But that’s exactly what Hailey Bieber uses her YouTube channel for, opting to let her viewers in on the secret techniques her glam squad do to both her beauty and hair ahead of her stepping out for the night, whether it be for a friend’s wedding or a date at the Royal Opera House in London with her husband Justin Bieber, like last night. 

One of the best and most simple tips Bieber recently shared was that of overlining her lips.  In one of her recent YouTube videos, the model briefly touched on how her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, “does this nice overlining thing that makes your lips look juicy and full.” Though the clip didn’t go into detail about the exact technique, it did show Phillips using a sharp lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick to outline Bieber’s lips and make them look fuller than they actually are.

While in London for a holiday with her husband, Bieber enlisted makeup artist Nikki Wolff to help her get ready, with Wolff employing the same technique to Bieber’s luscious nude lips. In a close-up shot posted to Instagram, if you look close enough, you can see the overdrawn outline on Bieber’s lips, accentuating her natural features beautifully. Wolff added some gloss to make Bieber’s lips pop even more, too. 

What’s more, Using lip liner also means you can accentuate your lips’ natural curves and add more of a cupid’s bow.  

Meanwhile, on her eyes, Bieber wore a ’90s-look sparkly wet metallic eyeshadow and Princess Diana-esque navy eyeliner (when in London!), with her eyebrows brushed up and skin bronzed and dewy. She pulled her hair back, sans for two thick tendrils and tapped Dua Lipa’s favourite nail artist, Michelle Humphrey, to do her manicure.

As for what nude colour Bieber wore on her lips? Wolff said she’ll do a tutorial later, but our guess is Charlotte Tilbury’s famous—and celebrity-loved—shade Pillow Talk. You’re welcome!