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When Hailey Bieber briefs her stylist I imagine there’s only one non-negotiable. Must. Have. Big. Coats.

Sure, it appears the model loves her husband Justin Bieber and that little dog a lot, but is it as much as she loves oversized clothing? It’s uncertain. Today, Mrs. Bieber was spotted dashing about Los Angeles in a supersized Balenciaga wool coat – for the second day in a row. As we know, when a celebrity is snapped in the same piece twice, you can mark it down as a bonafide trend. However, this is not the first time she’s repped the swamp-your-frame winter look. And it’s not the second. It’s the ten millionth. In fact, she’s worn more spectacular long coats than I’ve hot dinners. And tonight I had two.

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 1: Hailey Bieber is seem on February 1, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images)

Hyperbole aside, there’s a lot of news about her pairing these coats with tracksuit pants, too. Perhaps not headline news, but people are vibing on her crafty take on the street-style/couch-style revolution. It’s as though she’s validating all the over-zealous purchasing of elastic-waist pants we did in 2020 and pumping some post-COVID possibilities into their fleecy pockets. Interestingly though, if we look back at the Bieber-in-big-coats timeline, the Arizona native (and daughter of Stephen Baldwin) has actually been prepping this relaxo-couture since before the pandemic even properly hit. Prophetic? Unlikely. Chic? Very.

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 10: Hailey Bieber is seen on March 10, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images)

I dig this look a lot. I have ever since the Olsen twins spent their days hovering on NYC corners in giant black wrap coats drinking equally giant Starbucks, circa 2014. There’s something very mysterious and enigmatic about being swallowed whole by a giant piece of super-soft wool. And, you know, it’s really warm.

I also loved the giant coat uprising of 2018 when Balenciaga paid tribute to Joey Tribbiani’s multi-layering, when Moncler did Avant Garde puffer tower-coats and when Marc Jacobs created a kind of large-coated villain. Since then, the ominously huge silhouette has ruled. And it’s been no mean feat for a trend that’s suffered from considerable bouts of meme-ification. Instagram account ItsMaysMemes went viral for her Photoshop work pumping up the volume of coats and shoes on celebrities. And even Kanye West, who’s been known for his penchant for large outerwear, trolled himself with a wacky music video in 2018 featuring a giant inflatable Roblox-type coat.

Thankfully, Bieber’s selection is likely safe from ridicule due to fact they are just so damn beautiful. Honestly, this woman must have the most incredible winter-section of a wardrobe of anyone in the world. While the vibe is totally, oh-this-thing-I-just-like-borrowed-it-from-Justin (especially with the fleecy duds and the dad sneakers), it’s also gloriously wearable. I’d go so far as to award it unofficial street uniform of 2020/2021.

It seems Hailey is as committed to this look as she is to her marriage. Which appears to be a lot. We’ll know things are happy at chez Baldwin-Bieber as long as she’s doing the no-size, no-worries coat dance. Sound the alarm bells the day we see her in a fitted blazer or a cropped bolero.

If you’re keen to invest, you can peruse the real deal here.

Or, if you just want to try out the look buy any new season coat…just go up a couple of sizes. BYO track pants.

Here’s a carousel of Mrs. Bieber’s best grande options to date.