Credit: Instagram @jenniegarth90s  and @haileybaldwin 

Something different is bubbling in the world of hair. For a while there 70s-esque, Jane Birkin-style blunt fringes were snipping their way across salons. Next up, 90’s styling was all the rage, with pin straight locks, disco curls, corn-row plaits and double buns taking centre stage.

Now, blending the best of both decades, we’re noticing more IT-girl nods to the wispy, eyelash grazing bangs made famous by Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth circa their Beverly Hills: 90210 days.

Credit: Instagram @alessandraambrosio  and @bluejean_babies
Hailey Baldwin is the latest Insta-girl of note to jump on bang bandwagon, debuting a wispy cut front fringe in a look that’s equal parts modern, edgy, and chic. But s
he’s not the only one, with Alessandra Ambrosio also taking part in the haircut throwback. For a non committal way to upgrade your hair for the holiday season, consider a face framing fringe*books hair appointment now*. If you’re not sold after the first snip, it’ll only take a month to 9021-grow right out. *books salon appointment*