TOMMY HILFIGER campaigns are typically fronted by genetically-blessed celebrities with fan-bases all across the globe, and for the Autumn 2018 collection, Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow are joining the brand’s superstar line-up.

The celebrity models will front the latest Tommy Hilfiger womenswear campaign, a capsule collection intended to empower females from all walks of life.

“As two of the most sought-after supermodels in the world, Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow are becoming the icons of tomorrow, captivating their audiences with their powerful drive and inner fire,” the designer behind the eponymous brand said.

“They are leading the way for the next generation of Tommy women, approaching everything with confidence and optimism. These shared qualities and values are why I’m excited to welcome them into our family.”

Hailey Baldwin and Winnie Harlow on the TOMMY HILFIGER Autumn 2018 campaign set

The feminist-forward collection features warm golden tones and deep burgundy shades. Varsity-inspired wares like cardigans, blazers and jumpers featuring TOMMY HILFIGER emblems, and thick colour-blocked-stripes are flushed with these warm hues.

The standout piece of the capsule collection is a metallic golden puffer jacket, possibly the most versatile (and warm) piece in the collection, complimenting all the other items or making a statement on its own.

Hailey Baldwin

Each of the two models brings a different perspective to the campaign. Hailey Baldwin has been in the spotlight since she was 16 and is know for her high-profile model friendships with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Her influence in fashion comes from her Insta-worthy style and experimentation with clothes. “Fashion is how I express my individuality,” she has said.

Winnie Harlow 

Harlow similarly values individuality, which she learned to embrace in her teens after growing up with a skin condition called vitiligo that caused her dark skin to lose pigmentation and fade to white, usually in patches. Now it’s something she is proud of and agrees helped land her on America’s Next Top Model after being spotted on Instagram by ’90s supermodel and show host Tyra Banks.

Since then, Harlow has become an activist for diversity in the media and fashion industry with strong messages around embracing one another’s individuality, as well as your own. “I’ve always believed in the power of embracing who you are and breaking conventions,” the 23-year-old has said.

Baldwin and Harlow’s shared values of individuality and overflowing resumes of industry achievements are why HILFIGER selected them to represent a collection focused on the power of women.

Winnie Harlow on the TOMMY HILFIGER Autumn 2018 campaign set
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