Let’s revisit this Gwyneth Paltrow moment. The year was 2010 and the actress was married to Chris Martin. Show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk invited the actress onto their television hit series, Glee, to play substitute teacher Holly Holliday. Here Paltrow gave a very sexy rendition of Cee Lo Green’s Forget You. (It’s actually very sad to watch both Cory Monteith and Mark Salling in this scene. Both actors have since passed away due to a drug overdose and reported suicide respectively.) Little did Paltrow – or anybody – know at the time but she would one day marry Falchuk.

That day has come. The 46-year-old Oscar winning actress and American Horror Story and Glee co-creator, 47, married in an intimate, star-studded wedding in the Hamptons on the weekend. Guests included Jerry Seinfeld, Cameron Diaz and Robert Downey Jr. In the November issue of Marie Claire UK, Paltrow spoke about marrying for the second time. “I think that marriage is a really beautiful, noble and worthwhile institution, pursuit and endeavour,” Paltrow said. “Because I don’t think you get married and that’s it—I think it’s the beginning. You create this third entity, this third being that you have to nourish and look after.”

“For a while, I thought, I don’t know if I’d ever do it again,” she continued. “I have my kids—what’s the point? “And then I met this incredible man, who made me think, no, this person is worth making this commitment to… I’m very much the marrying kind. I love being a wife. I love making a home.”

Paltrow married Martin in 2003 before “consciously uncoupling” in 2014. They share two children together, Apple, 14, and Moses, 12. Falchuk also has two children from previous marriages.