Credit: E Michael Wolf

Like most women, GRAZIA Market Editor, Pia Muehlenbeck empathises with the fine art of getting ready. The social media mogul’s day is a delicate dance of meetings, shoots in between running her sportswear label, Slinkii. “I’ll be honest I’m typically pretty bad at getting ready quickly for a night out, I think it’s the best part,” admits Muehlenbeck. During the day  however, is a different matter and it’s not uncommon for the fit entrepreneur to head straight from a Pilates class to a presentation. “It’s about looking tidy and polished,” she says. “For makeup, during the week I think less is more, so a nice subtle layer of foundation, some perfectly done brows and a slick of mascara is all you need.”

Currently on high rotation in Muehlenbeck gym bag? Estee Lauder’s new Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup. With a twist-up stick (which BTW twists back down too, so you don’t waste a drop – genius) the cushion tip makes buffing the fresh foundation in quickly a cinch no matter where Muehlenbeck’s day takes her.

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Credit: E Michael Wolf 
I wake up around 5:30am and start the day with yoga. It’s incredibly important to me that I do some form of exercise every morning. It’s so nice to watch the sun rise and it’s one of those hours that I really appreciate and sets my mood for the day. Afterwards I take my dog, Muesli for a walk. I work with my boyfriend, Kane and we use our morning walks we use that time as a bit of a morning ‘WIP’ to discuss what’s happening that day. Then most days in the afternoon I’ll add some resistance training, reformer pilates, high intensity cardio.. or whatever I’m feeling that day! I really like to mix up my afternoon workouts so I don’t get bored. I even like doing dance classes because I find myself laughing the entire time!

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Credit: Instagram @piamuehlenbeck
What I do for work now really requires me to feel fit year-round. But aside from that, I have always considered exercise to be an integral part of my life. I have always been sporty and love the feeling I get from feeling fresh, fit and healthy. When I go through phases where I eat unhealthily and don’t workout I feel sluggish, my mood drops and I’m less productive as a person. When I feel fit and good about myself everything else just seems easier and funner too!

Drink water. I know people say this all the time, but I drink two litres by the time I have breakfast and my skin feels tighter, fuller and more supple. If I’m ever dehydrated I feel like my skin looks totally different.

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I carry foundation in my bag, just in case! Other than that I always have a moisture spray on me to refresh my skin on hot days, a clear lip balm just to stay hydrated throughout the day and I tend to get a little shiny so I like to have translucent powder on me too. A hairbrush too, I like my hair best when it’s freshly brushed out so I bring a comb with me and run it through my hair whenever I go to the bathroom.

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Credit: Instagram @piamuehlenbeck
I like to get a lot more daring with my makeup in the evenings. I think makeup is just like an art form that you can experiment and have lots of fun with so I don’t shy away from different colour eyeshadows or lips. I also use much heavier coverage and contour my face in the evenings.

If I am in a hurry a statement lip is my best friend. I’ll keep it natural with eye makeup and glam up my look with a bright lip, which is such a quick and easy way to go from day to night.

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Credit: Instagram @piamuehlenbeck
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MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)
TALENT:   Pia Muehlenbeck
HAIR and Make-Up: Diane Gorgievski/ Artist Group
Shot on location at Primus Hotel Sydney