As people around the country cautiously peek their heads out from their front doors and assess the safety of the new world, we’ve been dreaming up our post-quarantine wardrobe debuts. The Attico – introduced to me by our fashion features editor, Chrisanthi, a couple of years ago by way of a frivolous feathery mini – is the reliable statement-making label you need right now. And it begins from the bottom up with these pink satin sandals. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

Attico Satin Sandals, $758. SHOP NOW

As the temperature dips, I love anything sweet: hot chocolate, stewed apples, cream cashmere sweaters, fragrance… Winter is the perfect time to try a scent that’s a little bit musky and creamy but still fruity to deliver a much-needed boost. The newly-launched Daisy Eau So Sweet Petals is a delicious melange of raspberry, white flowers and musk – my go-to this season. – Emily Algar, Beauty Editor


What more could you want than a waterfall of saccharine beads falling from your ears? Nothing, obviously. These Jacquemus beauties are some sweet, sweet “ear candy” and their tumbling candied crystals are just the thing to bring a little whimsy to any old outfit (and mood). – Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, Fashion Features Editor

Jacquemus Rideaux Beaded Tassel Earrings,$561. SHOP NOW

I was sitting in the sun with an almond flat white last week in Bondi when a (socially distanced) stranger stopped me to ask what I was wearing on my cheekbones. Flattered, I launched into a good two minute run-down of this cream blush; a dewy, rosy tint for your cheeks and lips from Bobbi Brown. Even Rosie Huntington-Whitely couldn’t convince me in-person that her lipsticks achieved this same feat. No, no, this is the only pot rouge for me. – Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for cheeks, $54. SHOP NOW

I recently came across the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm (thanks to our Beauty Editor) and quickly became obsessed with the sheer colour but maximum impact when it came to a quick application for Zoom interviews. It’s super hydrating and refreshes my tired appearance before early morning talent interviews. – Rebekah Clarke, Writer and Contributing Editor

Nars Afterglow Lip balm, $45. SHOP NOW

I never thought I would ever go back to wearing coloured, enamel jewellery but in recent weeks the rise of colourful beaded necklaces is inescapable. The piece can be layered over everyday jewellery and instantly elevates the jeans and jumper rotation I’m currently on. This is one is currently on my wish list. – Rebekah Clarke, Writer and Contributing Editor

Roxanne Assoulin Soft Serve Enamel Necklace, $295. SHOP NOW

A subset of Loewe, Eye/Loewe/Nature is like an eccentric take on Jonathan Anderson’s crafty designs. This lolly pink baseball cap is (hopefully) going to make a a cheerful addition to my winter wardrobe. – Pat Zaczkiewicz, Stylist 

Eye/Loewe/Nature Baseball Cap, $415. SHOP NOW

Isolation skin has got me good these past few weeks, so a touch of coverage has been doing wonders for my self esteem as I wander from bed to couch to fridge and back again. This lush stick by Westman Atelier is one of my recently re-discovered favourites: creamy, hydrating and surprisingly sheer. I just dab around the nose and mouth and blend with fluffy brush. – Emily Algar, Beauty Editor

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Hydration Stick, $105. SHOP NOW

This lovely waved, slightly wobbly Champagne glass is the only way I want to drink champagne: its rhythmic shape was to reflect the joy of musical movement – and that it does. Drinkable joy, really. – Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, Fashion Features Editor

Nina Nørgaard Waved Champagne Glass, $159. SHOP NOW

More time spent at home means I’ve been doing a lot of hypothetical redecorating, and right at the top of my dream wish list is this curvy candy-pink vessel. Handmade in Denmark, it’s an artistic interpretation of a Cherry but my vision is more to set it upon my coffee table and fill it with Calla Lillies. – Pat Zaczkiewicz, Stylist 

Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Large Glass Jar, $757. SHOP NOW