Credit: Kimberlee Kessler

To truly succeed at the art of gift giving jewellery, a meticulous process must be followed. It begins with knowing and understanding your recipient: is she a gold or silver woman? Is she extravagant or minimalistic? Does she need an everyday timepiece, or is a special occasion in need of a little glam? The second (and most important) stage comes down to the right selection. Of course, that means endless scrolling or crowded shopping centres.

This Christmas season however, GRAZIA has simplified the process with THOMAS SABO. Since its founding in 1984, the THOMAS SABO name has been renowned for delivering contemporary and timeless jewellery and timepieces; individuality engrained in the ethos of the brand. From an extensive collection of pendants, earrings, chains, rings, beads, bracelets and watches, each piece has been designed to be worn with one another.

Ask any woman where she was when she received her first THOMAS SABO piece. She will not only remember, but hold special meaning to the occasion. We invite you to continue the tradition. Below, we round up our favourite pieces for a loved one this gift giving season (or perhaps it’s for yourself, go on, you deserve it).

Thomas Sabo Snake Ring, $449. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Stars Necklace, $329. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Bracelet, $449. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Ear Cuff, $89. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Magic Garden Green Stones Bracelet, $349. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Magic Stars Watch, $549. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Star and Moon Bracelet, $179. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Star and Moon Necklace, $499. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Blue Stone Bracelet, $229 AUD. SHOP NOW

Thomas Sabo Single Hoop Earring, $79. SHOP NOW