Isan Elba, the 17-year-old daughter of Idris Elba and this year’s Golden Globes Ambassador, may have the gig that all the teens want (“You’ll see me on stage holding the trophies, and I get to see cool celebrities; it’s a big deal”, she told People) but who wants to enjoy the unending spoils of nepotism when you could make your entrée into Hollywood society with a high-end catering gig?

Embodying very 2019 energy is the Fiji Water Girl, whose thirsty lurking in the background of many a red carpet photo – serving looks and serving bottled water – has earned her the accolade of being the first great meme of 2019.

“It’s all strategic,” the Fiji Water photo-bomber told The LA Times. “You’ve got to angle.”

You’ve simply got to angle. Now, get to work.

Tile and cover image: Twitter