We are all guilty of having that one spot in our wardrobe, piled high with regret buys that we just can’t seem to part with. Well, if you ever needed a good reason to cull that ever-growing clothing stash, then this is it.

Glue Store has teamed up with Youth Off The Street, a charity supporting teens who have been faced with life-altering adversities such as abuse, drug dependency and homelessness. Hilton Seskin, who is executive chairman of the company owning Glue Store, spoke about the inspiration behind partnering with the charity.

Glue Store denim

“Youth are the core of our business and our 2018 mission is about giving back through Youth Off The Street… supporting disadvantaged young people as they work to turn their lives around.”

Being an adolescent is already challenging enough without added struggles, but unfortunately for countless teens, these experiences are very real. “I had come to the end of the line [and] Youth Off The Street was my last hope,” says one girl who’s been helped by the program.

The organisation, she said, helped her “face up to [my] drug use, crime, low self-esteem and anger management issues”.

Glue Store denim

The launch of Glue Stores’ Ten 4 Ten campaign this week, allows the brand’s customers to donate pre-loved jeans in any of its stores and receive $10 off their next pair of jeans. Should the customer instead generously hand that $10 value back to the charity, Glue Store will match the donation.

Many of the kids supported by Youth Off The Street struggle to be dressed in the bare necessities, which leaves little room to enjoy the world of fashion that most of the rest of us take for granted.

By donating a pair of jeans you no longer love (or never really wore in the first place) you are giving needy teens the opportunity to enjoy clothes they would otherwise go without. Time to pay it fashion forward.