In what has undeniably come as a shock to many at GRAZIA HQ, Los Angeles-based online company Nasty Gal has filed for bankruptcy.

Known for its edgy aesthetic, the $300 million site that launched in 2006 offers an abundance of rock chic, grungy pieces.

Author of #Girlboss and founder of online retail site Nasty Gal has filed her business for bankruptcy
Source: Instagram

What is the most surprising part is that the founder, entrepreneur-turned-author Sophia Amoruso penned the popular #Girlboss book in 2014, which primarily centres around how to run a successful business. The novel was so popular it’s being made into a TV show with Charlize Theron acting as director. 

However, it all wasn’t going so well behind-the-scenes, with the business having to make employee redundancies and deal with several lawsuits.

But there is good news for Nasty Gal devotees: the online site filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection – usually submitted when a company wants to the restructure its affairs to eliminate debt, but not necessarily shut down. There’s hope for our fave leather, tartan and velvet clothing store yet.

Amoruso’s best-selling book #Girlboss tells the story of the entrepreneur starting her (widely assumed) successful online retail store
Credit: Instagram