Attitude in article
Credit: E. Michael Wolf

Meet the boss. A plucky princess (or Queen), every move forward is full of grit and glamour and gusto.

She doesn’t have a spring in her step, she has conviction. A purpose. She knows where she is going, and gets what she wants. She is both the backbone and the brains, so don’t mess with her, or else.

The caller of shots, the ringleader, the stirrer. We all know one, we might be one, it is she who runs the world. Hers is a beauty that needs no embellishment, but a lick of lipstick, Ecstasy Shine Attitude, of course.

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Credit: E. Michael Wolf
Art Direction: Patti Andrews
Creative Direction: Patti Andrews and Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

Photography and Motion: E. Michael Wolf
Makeup: Elsa Morgan
Hair: Anthony Nader
Talent: Madison Sells
Talent: Monika Clarke