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Start typing ‘Gigi Hadid’ into Google and the word ‘hair’ is suggested before you even get to her surname. No surprises there for her long, golden locks have redefined the off-duty, bombshell blow-out. Still, it’s nice to know that even Gigi needs a little help in the volume department and her method of choice is also one of the most tried-and-tested – Velcro rollers. 

Clad in a custom The Mighty Company bomber (BTW it’s ‘Hadidas’ not ‘Adidas’ now) Le Specs ‘The Last Lolita’ sunnies (the black isn’t in-stores until August, but the red is available now) Hadid was snapped in New York with her blown-out, honey hair coiled up into large, lilac rollers at it cooled and set. 


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Credit: Instagram @gigihadid 

While her Versace choker might not be in everyone’s mid-season budget, her on-set hair styling secret is one we can easily emulate without dipping into our savings. Why velcro? Because your hairstyles staying power is only as good as it’s cooling time, and allowing your curls and waves to cool and set in place will further your chances of a ‘do until your next shampoo.

Whether you make like Gigi and use larger ones to boost your blow-dry’s efforts, or coil your curls around smaller ones post-tonging for longer-lasting waves, this old-school styling option has stood the test of time and survived countless high-tech alternatives because it’s works.

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