Main image: Instagram @nakedcashmere 

What’s comfortable, classy and pretty as a picture in the head-to-toe pastel cashmere? Answer: a supermodel who’s cottoned onto the latest iteration of the pyjamas-as-daywear trend, which suits chilly weather far better than silk or satin.

When Gigi Hadid stepped out of her New York apartment into the mercury-challenged Spring air yesterday, she wore what might just constitute the perfect low-key, high-luxe Sunday slouch suit: a two-piece trackie-PJ hybrid by Naked Cashmere (SHOP BELOW) that would have once been unlikely to see the other side of the front door.

(Note, she also wore Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts sunglasses – which aren’t yet on sale – in a gesture of sisterly love, plus DKNY’s brand new ninja-shoe-meets-sock-boot Raven Strap Low Sock Sneakers in nude.)

Credit: Instagram @nakedcashmere

Cashmere with denim looks cute, but a two-piece screams ‘point me to the first class lounge, please’. And TBH no one (other than perhaps BFF Kendall) rocks a head-to-toe neutral hue like Hadid, who’s almost made it her signature look of late.

While some might argue that Gigi  or any other member of the Hadid family for that matter  would still look spectacular in a hessian sack, truth is this off duty look (tapping a far more exotic natural fibre) is surprisingly flattering for mere mortals too. Sure, cashmere feels amazing (wear over that silk slip top from last summer and you’ll get double the soft sensory hit) but it also clings in a way that is kind to our curves.

But there are several key tricks to making this more glam than gran. Keep accessories to a bare minimum and in the same colour palette as your knit. Invest in a top-bottom twinset (hint of bare midriff both optional and recommended if at all possible) and cropped or cuffed pants if you’re petite, given it’s impossible to take up bottoms and concrete is the cashmere thread’s natural enemy. 

Fitted works best, but not so tight it clings (think ‘polished with cash’, not ‘Eurotrash’) and crucially, make an extra effort with your hair, makeup and nails (a la Gigi’s candy red mani) beyond the norm for daytime. You want to look like you’ve just stepped off a red-eye from London to New York, minus the scraped back hair and heinous jet lag, rather than just rolled out of bed.

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