Winter poses a multitude of mane challenges doesn’t it? Firstly air-drying is naturally way less appealing when it comes with a side of frost-bite, meaning that hot tools are on higher rotation, which when combined with cold dry air outside and amped-up heating inside makes keeping hair smooth and healthy a near-impossible feat. Not to mention the styling struggles at hand, where those extra layers (scarves, high necks, jackets et al) from June to September can make even the most put-together hair look less-than polished.

The trick to nailing winter hair is preparation and stepping up your styling game. Whether it’s via some on-point accessorising or a quick hair tuck trick, simply smoothing fried-out strands with a glossy oil before stepping outside will instantly add a polished, rich-girl hair appeal.

Here are three ways to make the most of winter hair come rain, hail or er, more rain and hail.


#1 The baseball cap
The current cool-girl’s cold-weather companion has got to be the baseball bat, seen on everyone from Taylor Hill and the Hadid sisters, to repeat offender Rihanna who’s ability to take this trusty accessory for AM ensembles to evening looks shows a range that is both remarkable and inspiring. Whether it’s pulled over some beach waves or tucked on top of a sleek low ponytail, wear it chic and keep your hair sleek.


#2 The hair tuck
How to rework messy bed-hair into a chic winter statement? Tuck it into a scarf, turtleneck knit, or high neck jacket. A cosy style switch that instantly adds a model-off-duty-appeal, just load your lengths with dry shampoo or a texture spray to add texture and instantly boost hair tuck holding power.



#3 The beanie
How do you steer this classic cold weather companion away from Kevin McCallister-cute and towards chic winter hair knockout? It comes down to hair texture and fringe placement. Smooth strands are essential to keep this look chic, so maximise second day waves with a hydrating oil and be sure to push your beanie slightly back to reveal face-framing pieces of hair for a laid-back, but feminine finish. 



Cover Image: Instagram @oliviapalermo
Title Image: Getty Images