Whilst other New Yorkers roasted half-naked in Central Park or escaped to the salt and sand of the Hamptons, Gigi Hadid strutted through Manhattan in an electric blue cotton sweatsuit. An interesting choice, considering the Manhattan heatwave, and one which raised some serious eyebrows (or internal sweats). But then Gigi Hadid isn’t any ordinary gal. Testament to this, was her big grey pout. Grey lipstick? In summer? Ground-breaking, indeed. Gigi’s galactic grey lips just affronted almost every beauty summer rule (read: bronze, baked, light and breezy), literally laughing in the face of the summer beauty canon us mere mortals religiously adhere to (and the sunglasses thing after dark).

Credit: Getty Images
Matte and very grey, her lips looked to have taken a trip to outer space, as too her nails; with a mani in monochromatic keeping with her pout. Avoiding a case of the avant-garde, Hadid offset her gothic lip with glamour; giant spidery lashes and her signature feline flick, plus that Gigi perma-tan. An infallible way to circumvent a ghoulish makeup disaster (which grey lipstick explicably skews towards), tempering the cool tone with a big bout of warmth kept her guise sexy as oppose to scary. Hadid has made no secret of a partiality to the ’90s (denim, sneakers, chokers, A LOT of midriff), and this is no exception.

A tricky trend to master at home, we might just let Gigi ride this one out, spaceship and all.

Credit: Getty Images