When it comes to street-wise workout gear, it’s safe to say that Gigi and Bella Hadid win the Athleisure game. Nothing says I’ve got my sh*t together quite like a well-coordinated workout look – and although the Hadid sisters LOOK like they barely break a sweat (I don’t know about you, but my post-workout look is normcore to the next level, to wit: red face, sweat-laced hair, generally defeated look of exhaustion and an entirely mismatched outfit featuring a decade old t-shirt) they certainly have pulled together a trademarked style that allows them to slip from gym to bar quite effortlessly.

Follow their formula to perfect après workout wear:

1. Crop top: flat tum baring is a must, preferably featuring a strong 90s brand emblazoned across the front. Get her Tommy Hilfiger version here. 

Bella Gigi workout style_01

2. Fashion sneaker: do not under any circumstances where an actual workout sneaker. Bella loves her Nike Air Force 1 Suede Sneakers while Gigi has opted more than once for her sunflower print Vans.


3. Trophy jackets: opt for a bomber (as per Gigi’s orange VFiles Sport Plus 2-Way Cropped Bomber – sorry it’s sold out for now) or slip on a crop leather jacket just like Gigi’s.


4. A sturdy legging: no one wants to veer into camel toe territory – amaright or amaright gals? So invest in a sturdy pair of leggings like Gigi’s super svelte alo Moto’s.