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Have you noticed how the coolest way to wear a jacket right now is also the laziest?  Slung off and slouchy was seen all over the Autumn/Winter 2016 runways at Tome, Top Shop Unique, Rodarte, Balenciaga and Fenty Puma. Sexy without trying too hard, the DGAF cool-factor of the peekaboo shoulder is so undeniable it’s on current rotation with Rhianna and practically every client on stylist Monica Rose’s books (Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian et al)

Putting a little cold shoulder into your chilly weather wardrobe is an easy upgrade until you factor in one winter skin woe – keratosis pilaris. You know those dry and red upper-arm bumps that crop up on your skin as soon as the mercury drops. Seriously, what gives and how can we get rid of them? 

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“The rough bumpy texture of the skin is due to changes in keratinisation and shedding of the top layer of the skin,” explains Emma Hobson, Education Manager at The International Dermal Institute. “This accumulation of skin cells causes plugs to form in the follicles. In some cases the follicles can also become slightly inflamed, thus causing the red pimply appearance. Keratosis pilaris can get worse in winter as the skin can become dryer and so retain even more dead skin within and at the follicle surface.” 

Hobson says having a highly acidic diet, poor kidney function and a deficiency in vitamin A can contribute to the condition. “Rather than having insufficient vitamin A in the diet, a person may not assimilate the vitamin from food effectively, resulting in the deficiency,” she explains, “Also inherited dry skin will contribute to the formation the plugs.” 

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Dealing with the dry skin buildup is essential but rather than going in with a harsh scrub, which can irritate already inflamed skin, it’s better to loosen and slough away dead skin cells slowly with topicals containing lactic and salicylic acid. Evening primrose oil is also known to help, but Hobson says it’s worth working on the inside too. “I’d advise visiting a naturopath who may be able to help you, as well as drinking more water and increasing oily fish in your diet for the Omega-3 oils, which will improve skin dryness.” 

With winter on approach, consider these below prep steps for ultimate peek-a-boo shoulder pay-off. And if the slouchy coat isn’t on the sartorial cards for you this season, simply think of it as getting a head start on the smooth arm action plan for spring’s off-the-shoulder tops. 




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