So you’ve decided you want to make a move into a creative arena and eventually become your own boss. Yet you’re stuck on the most important question of all – where to start?

Never fear, GRAZIA and Cointreau are here to take career advice next level. We’ve teamed up bring together three wildly successful and inspiring creative women who are the definition of #girlboss – Megan Hess, Helen Chik and Geneva Vanderzeil – to speak at an exclusive event in Sydney this coming Saturday. And you’re invited.

While each member of this expert Cointreau Crew trio has travelled a very different pathway to success, what they do share in common is their love for fashion, skills around social media and ability to turn their passion into a thriving international business. First, a brief lowdown on this trio of sensational speakers… 


Megan Hess This Melbourne-based artist and homewares product designer has fast become one of the most admired and in-demand fashion illustrators in the world.

Her iconic drawings with their signature black ink outlines have been used by fashion powerhouses including Dior, Prada, Cartier, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Cartier and Ferragamo (the list is long) in some of their global campaigns. Hess’s artwork featured on the original Sex And The City book covers and she’s written and illustrated three best-selling tomes of her own: Fashion House, The Dress and Coco Chanel. Her newly-released fourth book – called New York: Through a Fashion Eye – is set to follow its three siblings.

Trust Cointreau and GRAZIA on this one: you don’t need to be an aspiring artist specifically to learn plenty about channeling your creativity, carving your own niche and turning your passion into a global business from this global leader in her field.


Helen Chik Australian blogger and GRAZIA Market Editor Chik has cultivated her creative talents across a several realms – writing about travel, fashion, and lifestyle, as well as video content production and vlogging during her frequent world travels.

Chik’s story is truly inspirational for all aspiring entrepeneurs. After deciding a 9am to 5pm desk job in the finance world wasn’t for her, she made a decision to start her blog filled with (in her words) “my thoughts, inspirations, experiences, and all things pertaining to fashion, lifestyle and travels.”

Not only will the hugely successful social media star share invaluable practical advice, she’s also likely lend you plenty of street style inspo. Just have a look at her Instagram and you’ll see why…


Geneva Vanderzeil Given this Hong Kong-based blogger and accessories designer is a DIY dynamo, it’s no surprise Cointreau nabbed her to be part of its Cointreau Crew. On her beyond-successful blog, A Pair & A Spare, Vanderzeil offers dozens of step-by-step tutorials on all things creative. And we mean everything – think fashion, food, travel, interiors, beauty and building. Yet the influential creative wants to relay her website is more than just a DIY portal – it’s a space for women to share their good times, stories and inspiration.

Like Hess, Vanderzeil is also a best-selling author with a highly successful book, DIY Fashionista. Add to that the fact she’s also a shoe designer, having launched her own footwear collection, and has worked with international brands such as Marriott and Coach on various projects, and you can appreciate why she was chosen to impart her niche career wisdoms.

Hosted by writer and comedienne Emma Markezic, the Dream, Dare, Create with Cointreau event will be held at Hacienda in Sydney from 10.30am to 12.30pm on October 29. Tickets cost just $20 and are selling out fast. Come join us and get your creative juices flowing.