Whilst we all have an unerring fondness for the topknot – aka the best lazy girl hair, ever – it’s been done. And done. And done. Now often reserved for those post-gym sweaty strand days or a ‘snooze’ on repeat morning. So when head hair honcho of every important fashion week (read: Karl’s mane man) and general hair wizard, Sam McKnight, posted a picture of this all-too-cute, knotted up-do, we had to recreate.

This twisty, knotty (not leave-in conditioner knotty) topknot is just the thing to elevate your up-do from blah to bang. Complete with wispy, cool-girl tendrils, bend and twist with this easy how-to from Sam McKnight. Taylor Hill would be proud.

Screen Shot 20170801 at 11723 am
Credit: Instagram, @adamwhiteheadphoto
1. Starting from freshly washed and conditioned hair, blow dry smooth.
2. For a smoother finish, blow-dry your hair upside down to help the roots go in a different direction.
3. Gather the hair on the top of the head and brush through the roots with a bristle brush.
4. Secure the hair on top of the head just in front of the crown. Use a strong elastic or elasticated cord to secure.
5. Spray the top ponytail layer by layer with Easy Up-Do.
6. Separate the ponytail into two sections and make a knot.
7. The knotting is repeated depending on the length of hair making sure you leave the ends out.
8. The knotted hair is pinned in around the base of the ponytail and secured with pins and grips.
9. Spray Easy Up-Do into the end of the hair and use fine pins to hold in place.
10. For extra hold finish with Modern Hairspray.

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @sammcknight1