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If you follow Georgia Fowler on Instagram, you would be well-versed on the model’s insane schedule. When she’s not flying, she’s on set, and when she’s not on set, she’s at a press event, and when she’s not at a press event, she’s probably working out. Being one of the world’s most in-demand models is, to use her words, “a blessing”, but Fowler’s always-working mentality means she’s got self-care down to a fine science. We were lucky enough to catch up with Fowler on a recent trip to Sydney with Azzaro Wanted Girl fragrance (of which Fowler is the face) to talk all things beauty, wellness and red-eye flights. If there’s anyone worth taking tips from, it’s this girl here. Read the full interview below.

GRAZIA: You’re on a plane every other day. What are some secrets you’ve picked up on your travels that help you maintain a sense of wellbeing at 40,000 ft?

Georgia Fowler: It’s hard! But it’s part of the job. I rely on probiotics and dandelion tea, as well as magnesium for sleep. I drink as much water as humanly possible and try to eat light whilst flying – healthy fats are good and don’t leave me too feeling heavy or sluggish. As soon as I land, I sweat it all out in an infrared sauna.

GRAZIA: And what about packing? Surely you’ve nailed the art of travelling light by now? 

Georgia: I almost always travel with carry-on only! Which is not easy when it comes to extreme weather conditions. I keep to a neutral colour palette of denim, black, white and grey, plus wear my heaviest pair of shoes on the plane. I pack quality over quantity – staples and investment pieces I can wear all the time. I’ll also bring one comfy outfit – that’s typically what I’ll wear on the plane itself.

GRAZIA: What are your in-flight beauty essentials? 

Georgia: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream moisturiser, a good lip balm and a sheet mask to pep me up before landing.

GRAZIA: What does your complete morning skincare routine look like right now? 

Georgia: Right now, I’m using Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser, Clarins Double Serum, moisturiser with SPF and Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops.

GRAZIA: And evening? 

Georgia: I take everything off with Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water plus Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover if I’ve been on set, use Biologique Recherche P50, hyaluronic acid, Cosmedix Define treatment and finish with moisturiser.

GRAZIA: Talk us through your fragrance wardrobe. What favourites do you currently have? 

Georgia: My tastes have been so varied over the years! When I was younger, I loved Britney Spears Fantasy and Jlo Glow. Now my tastes lean towards something a little more fresh, but I still love hints of sweetness. Azzaro Wanted Girl is perfect – ginger flower and vetiver give it a sensual, oriental aura, but notes of dulce de leche hit the sweet spot.

GRAZIA: And what about your hair – you recently chopped it all off. Any styling tricks you’ve picked up? 

Georgia: To be honest, I do a lot less now that it’s short. I might use a little bit of volumising spray if it’s flat, but my only real trick is to use a slim straightener just to fix any bits that have dried into the wrong shape. Otherwise, I just air dry – I like the natural texture.

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