Games Of Thrones’ eighth and final season will air in April, and fans had better appreciate the blood, sweat and literal tears the cast and crew put into it.

Reflecting on filming the final episodes, Kit Harington has revealed how he and his co-stars were pushed to the edge physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Everyone was broken at the end,” Harington, who plays Jon Snow, said.

“I don’t know if we were crying because we were sad it was ending or if we were crying because it was so f***ing tiring,” he explained.

“We were sleep deprived. It was like it was designed to make you think, ‘Right, I’m f***ing sick of this.’ I remember everyone walking around towards the end going, ‘I’ve had enough now. I love this, it’s been the best thing in my life, I’ll miss it one day —but I’m done.'”

In an interview last year, Game Of Thrones creator David Benioff revealed the final season was the most ambitious thing they attempted in the entire eight seasons.

“The final season’s taking a long time because it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done,”he said.

“It was nearly a full year in Belfast either prepping it or actually shooting it. I think when people see it, they’re going to understand why it took so long. The last season is far beyond what we’ve ever attempted before.”

Game Of Thrones season eight airs in April 2019.