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UPDATE: 2/8/16: The New York Times reports Boys Don’t Cry will drop on Friday, according to a person with inside knowledge of the release. It will be available exclusively through Apple for two weeks before becoming more widely available. 

ORIGINAL STORY: There have been few albums as eagerly anticipated as Boys Don’t Cry, the second record from Frank Ocean, which was due for a July release but is still not out.

But the agonising wait might be over imminently, after some activity began to stir on Ocean’s website in the early hours of Tuesday.

The site now shows footage of what appears to be a live stream of an empty warehouse or workshop with some faint background noise audible, and some viewers have at times spotted a figure standing in the space. An Apple Music logo in the top right corner indicates the video is to do with the expected release from Frank, but otherwise the website is giving little away.


Boys Don’t Cry was originally due for release in July 2015, but the album was pushed back a full year. Here we are in August 2016 and there’s still nothing from Frank, but the online activity seems to indicate we can expect it any day now.

The cryptic nature of the video and the failure to meet the July release deadline are driving fans to express their frustration online. Patience, people. The best things are always worth the wait.