Credit Instagram: @frank_bod

Get ready to disco… The clever folks at Frank Body are back at it again, and this time they’re throwing a glitter party – and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an invite. With a reported waitlist of 50,000 people, the brand’s latest launch is far from your ordinary, run-of-the-mill coffee scrub – with its new Shimmer Scrub seeing #thefrankeffect get a little sparkly eyed.

Tapping into the current craze for anything glittery with a touch of unicorn, the genius marketing team over at Frank Body have managed to nail it again with their latest product. With the cheeky tagline “Throw Shimmer Not Shade”, we’re suspecting this may be one of the brand’s biggest launches to date (if the promo for it is anything to go by… think customised denim jackets, holographic carry bags, and major giveaway loot.)

Credit Instagram: @frank_bod

Described as “a round trip to Unicorn Island”, Frank Body goes on to explain the product “is made from Glow Dust. That’s tiny gold and silver particles which hug your skin, just like highlighter for your bod.” 

Need more convincing? Basically, the Shimmer Scrub has all the traditional benefits of Frank Body’s coffee-based scrubs but with illuminating properties to give skin a subtle shimmery glow. Joining its ground coffee base, the Shimmer Scrub also includes dry skin-sloughing ingredients such as sugar and salt. The shimmer itself is caused by gold and silver mica that is held together by antioxidant grape seed oil (although we kinda prefer their description of “the closest thing to unicorn dust”).

Going on sale on May 1, the Shimmer Scrub only has a limited run – so if you want to join the party, we suggest jumping in line… 

Credit Instagram: @frank_bod