Image credit: Sisley 

If there’s one thing that 2017 has been teaching us, it’s that there’s nothing like a return to a classic. From culture to fashion to beauty – this year is taking a page from yesteryear as we open our eyes to the remake of Beauty and The Beast, our closets to mum jeans, and our beauty cabinets to rose-based fragrances. 

Yes, rose is on the rebound when it comes to scent creations – breaking through the ouds, the greens, and the musks to find its way back onto the scene. Major fragrance players have all introduced their new take on the classic this month – with April seeing the likes of Kenzo, AERIN and Sisley launch perfumes with rose heart-notes. 

Image credit: Sisley 

But it’s not just your traditional garden variety that’s taking centre stage. For Kenzo, it’s the Bulgarian rose that can be found at the centre of its new Flower by Kenzo Eau de Lumiére. Grown in Bulgaria’s valley of roses, the flower is said to have a rich, sensual and extremely feminine signature. 

Across at AERIN, founder Aerin Lauder has tapped into the essence of three different roses for the AERIN Rose Cologne Collection: Bamboo Rose, Linen Rose, and Garden Rose. Sharing their significance, Lauder explains: “Roses are my favourite flower. The scent alone relaxes me, energises me or inspires me.”

At Sisley, the rose chosen for its recently-launched Izia Eau de Parfum is steeped in history. The signature fragrance of Sisley founder Isabelle D’Ornano, the scent is inspired from a garden in the French Loire valley where D’Ornano once planted roses. With their label faded and no knowledge of the roses’ name, D’Ornano sent the boutique to master perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie asking her to recreate the scent. This recreation is what can now be found at the centre of Izia.

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