PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 05: Florence Pugh wears gold pendant earrings, a gold J’Adior chain necklace, a multicolored pearls necklace, gold necklace, a black tulle with multicolored flowers embroidered zipper tank-top / crop-top, a matching black tulle with multicolored flowers embroidered flowing midi skirt, a silver watch, outside Dior, during Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021/2022, on July 05, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Florence Pugh is not only celebrating entering 2022, she’s also celebrating entering her 26th year. The Little Woman actress has been trending online as fans wish her a happy birthday, before she posted a celebratory party picture that sent the internet into a full-fledged meltdown. 

After chopping her hair off into a brown pixie mullet cut back in November, joining the hoards of celebrities ditching blonde for darker hues (and prompting some on TikTok to question whether blonde hair is now cheugy), Pugh has gone back to blonde with a grunge-like pixie crop. Very Y2K, very Courtney Love circa-’90s. 

Adding to the punk theme for her New Year’s Eve meets birthday celebrations, Pugh styled her hair in a messy, sort of spiky ‘do, complete with a side fringe and a red lip. She wore a short-sleeved mini dress adorned with floral patterns and, the main attraction: huge 8-inch platform boots by British designer Harris Reid (met with an equally huge glass of wine). 

The boots, which would no doubt make Lady Gaga proud, lace all the way up to the knees and come with a thick heel, reminiscent of the shoes we’d wear in the indie sleaze era, which is now said to be en route to take over our Y2K revival. Online, the boots retail for a cool £2,600 ($4869 AUD) and Pugh not only bought them as her “Christmas present to myself” but she plans on keeping them forever: “I shall pass them down to my children one day,” she wrote. “Heels for queens.”

Pugh added that despite drinking a lot, she managed to keep her footing in the sky high shoes. “It was a night I’ve been nursing ever since”, she wrote. “And you fucking bet I never once fell over in these things…”

She later posted a specific birthday post—wearing another pair of platforms—writing, “This puppy turns 26 today. Another lap around the sun. Another day to wear FANTASTIC CHUNKY SHOES.” She continued, “My older sister told me last night, “it just gets better and better”, I remember that not really meaning much when I was younger. But it is magical how with each year you grow you actually begin to slow, speed up again, slow down again, soften, understand your brain, understand your anxieties, understand why you are the way that you are and just slowly begin to be okay with it.”


“26 years of an unbelievable amount of incredible special people who have taught me, loved me, educated me. Some still here, some not. We are made of all the things and places and people and art and movies and books and scripts and songs and food and shoes (personal one ;)… each year getting a little more fermented and complex and wise whacky creatures. Thank you for every 3rd of January love you give me. I’m aware it is the most poorly planned day of the year to be born but I guess I’m just that stubborn. Capricorn you see,” she wrote.

“See you when I’ve probably had too many martinis on InstaStories later,” Pugh added.